Managing My Tokens managing-my-tokens

Using tokens can simplify your efforts in Marketo. You can use My Tokens (custom tokens) in flow steps, webhooks, emails, and Landing Pages. Here’s how to make them.

Learn more about what tokens are already available in Tokens Overview.

Create a My Token create-a-my-token

  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select a program or campaign folder. Click My Tokens.

  3. Select a My Token type. Drag and drop it onto the canvas.

  4. Type in a unique name. Enter a relevant value for the token.

  5. Click Save.

    Yay! You made a My Token.

Edit a My Token edit-a-my-token

  1. Double-click the My Token and make your changes. Click Save.

Delete a My Token delete-a-my-token

When you delete a My Token, make sure you aren’t referencing it in any asset. A blank space will display in any place it’s referenced if deleted.
  1. Right-click the My Token. Select Delete Token.

  2. Click Delete.

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