Build an Email Analysis Report that Lists Leads build-an-email-analysis-report-that-lists-leads

Follow these steps to create an Email Analysis report that will show you every lead that was sent a specific Email, this report will also include Click and Open stats.

Not everyone has purchased this feature. Please contact the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager) for details.
The data engine backing Email Analysis RCA ignores greater than 12 clicks per person if they came from same email and campaign. Please take this into account when comparing Email Analysis reports to standard Marketo Analytics reporting.
  1. Launch Revenue Explorer.

  2. Click Create New then Report.

  3. Select Email Analysis and click OK.

  4. Find the Email Name yellow dot, right-click it and select Filter.

  5. Double-click the email of your choice from the list and click OK.

  6. Drag the Email Name yellow dot onto Columns.

    note tip
    There are many lead/company attributes that you can add as columns, check them out!
  7. Find the Full Name yellow dot and drag it onto Rows.

  8. Now add the Measures you are interested in by double-clicking them.

Depending on the amount of data you have this report might take a while to refresh.

Mission complete!