Sales Intelligence sales-intelligence

Marketo Web Personalization provides valuable information about the anonymous and known web visitors and organizations that visit your website. Sales executives can use it to track, monitor and receive alerts on key organizations and accounts according to specific region.

Access it by logging into the Marketo Web Personalization platform, through a daily/weekly email report, or by viewing it on the mobile app.

Define the User’s Region define-the-users-region

To define the Organization and Visitor data you see in Marketo Web Personalization per your region, country or state, go to User Settings and select the countries or states.

Set Up Daily or Weekly Email Reports set-up-daily-or-weekly-email-reports

In User Settings, you can set up to receive daily or weekly email reports, sent out in the early morning. The primary reports of interest to a sales executive includes the Organizations and Leads reports, which display the top organizations visited and leads submitted, including their behaviors, from the user’s specific region.

We recommended that you set up sales executives with view-only permission in Marketo Web Personalization. This means they can view all pages, but not create, edit, or delete any features.