Person Detail View person-detail-view

Person detail view provides a detailed profile of each person in your MSC account.

How to Access how-to-access

  1. To access the person detail view, click the People tab.

  2. Click on the desired person.

    note tip
    Pretty much anywhere you see a person’s name, you can click on it and get to their Person Detail View.

About Tab about-tab

Includes all of the person’s contact information.

Contact Card

  • Contains contact information like: email address, name, company, title, phone number, and social media links


  • Displays and manages what groups this person is a member of

Account Information

  • Can add a person to Salesforce
  • Pull account and lead/contact information from Salesforce

Custom Fields

  • Add or remove custom fields that can be used as dynamic fields in your templates and campaigns


  • Create custom notes

Engagement Tab engagement-tab

See how this person is engaging with your outreach.

Sales Connect Activity

  • See engagement activities from your sales emails and campaigns

Marketing Activity

  • See how your person is engaging with marketing campaigns

History Tab history-tab

Shows your outreach history. Includes emails, campaigns, and calls.

Sales Campaigns

  • See any active or completed campaigns this person belongs to

Marketing Campaigns

  • See any marketing campaigns this person is a member of

Sales Emails

  • See any emails you’ve sent this person and the engagement metrics

Sales Calls

  • See any calls you’ve made to this person

Tasks Tab tasks-tab

Manage tasks associated with this person.

Actions you can perform:

  • Edit or delete a task
  • See the due date
  • Click on the Type to launch the Sales Phone if Call, Email Compose if Email, Linkedin if Inmail, and Custom Note if Custom.
  • Mark a task as complete