Creating an Entry in the Program Schedule View creating-an-entry-in-the-program-schedule-view

You can create entries from within the program schedule view to supplement an existing program.

Create a Basic Entry create-a-basic-entry

  1. Go to Marketing Activities.

  2. Select your program. Click the View drop-down. Select Schedule.

  3. Click a day to add the entry to.

  4. Name the entry. Press Enter to confirm the name.

  5. Select the start and end date/time of your new entry.

  6. Click the description icon to add additional information.

  7. Enter your description and click Save.

  8. Hover over the description icon to view the entry description.

Change Entry Type change-entry-type

  1. Select a basic entry from the Agenda view.

  2. Select the Type drop-down. Choose a new entry type.

    note note
    To-do is a custom entry. You can make a to-do and other custom entries to help keep track of non-Marketo agenda items.

    Cool! You should see the changes immediately.

You can also create a smart campaign or email program from the schedule view.