Add LinkedIn Matched Audiences as a LaunchPoint Service add-linkedin-matched-audiences-as-a-launchpoint-service

LinkedIn is upgrading their Marketing APIs used by Marketo Engage LinkedIn integrations. These changes will require re-authentication of all LinkedIn LaunchPoint services in your Admin > LaunchPoint menu between June 7 and December 15, 2024, to avoid service interruption. For more information, please see the Migration FAQ.
Admin Permissions Required

Connect your Marketo Engage account with LinkedIn Matched Audiences to use a Marketo static list or Smart List as a LinkedIn audience segment.

  1. Go to the Admin section.

  2. Select LaunchPoint.

  3. Select New and New Service.

  4. Enter a Display Name and choose LinkedIn Matched Audiences. Click Create.

  5. To connect a LinkedIn account, click Authorize.

    note caution
    In order for Marketo to send audiences across multiple LinkedIn Ad Accounts, the LinkedIn user you authorize in the following steps needs to have access to all of these Ad accounts in their Campaign Manager.
  6. LinkedIn opens in a new tab. From here, log in to your LinkedIn account.

  7. Review the requested permissions, then click Allow.

  8. Your LinkedIn account is now connected to Marketo. Click Create.

    Awesome! You’ll now see LinkedIn Matched Audiences listed as a LaunchPoint service in the Installed Services tab.