Find All People in a Revenue Stage find-all-people-in-a-revenue-stage

Create a Smart List

Find All Members of a Specific Revenue Stage find-all-members-of-a-specific-revenue-stage

  1. In a Smart List, click the Smart List tab, find the Revenue Stage filter, and drag it into the canvas.

  2. Select a Revenue Stage.

  3. Go to the People tab to view the results.

Run a Flow Step on the Members of a Revenue Stage run-a-flow-step-on-the-members-of-a-revenue-stage

Now that you know which people are in which revenue stages, you can market directly to them. Besides choosing Revenue Stage as a Smart List filter, you can also choose it as an “if” filter in the flow.

  1. In the desired flow step, click Add Choice and select Revenue Stage from the drop-down.

    From there you can choose which members are affected by which aspect of the flow step.