SEO - Use the Keyword Trends Report seo-use-the-keyword-trends-report

In this report, you can see how you are ranked on keywords over time.

Load Report load-report

  1. Go to Reports.

  2. Click on Keyword Rank Trends.

    Here it is:

    Report Items Described:

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    Item Description
    Keywords The number of keywords you are tracking.
    Ranking URLs The number of URLs on your site ranking in the range you’ve set.
    Avg. rank The average rank of keywords in the range you’ve set.
    Avg. searches The average number of searches on those keywords that occurred during the range you set (in the last 30 days), on Google US search

Filtering Data filtering-data

  1. Click the drop-down and select your desired time period.

  2. Click the Rank drop-down to chose which rank range you want to view keywords for.

Exporting Data exporting-data

You can export this report to your desktop.
  1. Click Export CSV or Export PDF.

    Great job! You can also see how you compare to your competitors in keyword ranking.

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    Using the Competitive KW Rank Trends Report