Using Marketo Insights for Google Chrome using-marketo-insights-for-google-chrome

Send and track any Google email with the Marketo Insights for Google Chrome.

Sales Insight Actions capabilities, including Send Sales Email, Add to Sales Campaign, and Tasks, are not available in the Sales Insight email plugins for Gmail and Outlook. At this time, users only have the ability to send a trackable email with or without a Marketo email template from their email client when using the Sales Insight email plugins.

Send an Email with Marketo Insights send-an-email-with-marketo-insights

  1. From the Compose Window, click the Marketo icon.

  2. The Send button has turned Marketo purple! This email now will be sent with Marketo, all links will be tracked, and a tracking pixel will be inserted into the email. This will be recorded as a Sent Sales Email activity.

    note note
    A tracking pixel lets you know who opened your email.
    note tip
    Optionally, click the double arrow to expand to a full screen view.
  3. If you want to prefill your email with a published Marketo template, click More Options and select Load Marketo Template.

  4. Select an Available template and click Ok.

  5. Enter your content, an email address, and click Send.

    note note
    Messages are tracked only when the Send button is purple.
  6. The email will soon appear in your Marketo Sales Insight and any opens and clicks are tracked.

Log Email Replies with Marketo log-email-replies-with-marketo

You can log replies and old activity in a lead’s activity history.

  1. From Google Mail’s preview pane, click Log with Marketo.

  2. That’s all! The email will soon appear in Marketo Sales Insight.

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