Adobe PDF Embed API adobe-pdf-embed-api

The Document card allows you to embed PDF documents in Dialogues and track document engagement activity of visitors. Here’s how to set it up.

  1. Navigate to Adobe PDF Embed API.

  2. Click Get Credentials.

  3. Sign in to your Adobe account.

  4. Enter your credentials, accept the terms, and click Create Credentials.

    note important
    You’ll need to use the domain on which you’ll be hosting the chatbot (e.g., if you’re hosting the chatbot on, make sure you enter that in Step 4).
  5. Click Copy to copy your Client ID.

  6. Back in Dynamic Chat, click Integrations. In the Adobe PDF Embed API card, click Activate.

  7. Paste your Client ID and click Save.

You can now use the Document card in your Dialogues’ Stream Designer!