Guided Landing Page Template List

Browse our collection of example templates, for use with the Guided Landing Page Editor. Each template is fully responsive and based off of the Bootstrap framework.


Marketo Support is not set up to assist with troubleshooting HTML. If you need assistance modifying any of these templates, please consult a web developer.

To import a template into Marketo:

  1. Click on the name of the template for larger view.

  2. Download the template chosen.

  3. In Marketo, navigate to the Design Studio.

  4. Click Landing Pages in the left-hand tree, then select Templates.

  5. In the menu bar, click Import Template.

  6. Choose the downloaded file, enter a template name, then click Import (make sure to pick a descriptive name and indicate that editing mode is Guided).

Template 1-A Template 1-B Template 1-C
Template 1-D Template 1-E Template 1-F
Template 2-A Template 2-B Template 2-C
Template 2-D Template 3-A Template 3-B
Template 3-C Template 3-D Template 4-A
Template 4-B Template 4-C Template 5-A
Template 5-B Template 5-C Template 5-D
Template 5-E Template 6-A Template 6-B
Template 6-C Template 6-D Template 6-E
Template 7-A Template 7-B Template 7-C
Template 7-D Template 7-E Template 7-F
Template 8-A Template 8-B Template 8-C
Template 8-D Template 8-E Template 8-F
Template 8-G Template 9-A Template 9-B
Template 9-C Template 9-D Template 9-E
Template 9-F Template 10-A Template 10-B
Template 10-C Template 10-D Template 10-E
Template 10-F Template 11-A Template 11-B
Template 11-C Template 11-D Template 11-E
Template 11-F Template 12-A Template 12-B
Template 12-C Template 12-D Template 12-E
Template 12-F Template 13-A Template 13-B
Template 13-C Template 13-D Template 13-E
Template 14-A Template 14-B Template 14-C
Template 14-D Template 14-E Template 15-A
Template 15-B Template 15-C Template 15-D
Template 15-E Template 16-A Template 16-B
Template 16-C Template 16-D Template 16-E
Template 17-A Template 17-B Template 17-C
Template 17-D Template 17-E Template 18-A
Template 18-B Template 18-C Template 18-D
Template 18-E Template 19-A Template 19-B
Template 19-C Template 19-D Template 19-E
Template 20-A Template 20-B Template 20-C
Template 20-D Template 20-E

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