Interactive Webinars Overview

The Interactive Webinars feature is our built-in webinar platform inside Marketo Engage. No additional tools or integrations required.

What is Interactive Webinars?

Interactive Webinars augment the existing Events and Webinars experience by providing a native and seamless experience for you to create, manage, and deliver events within Marketo Engage. When you create an Interactive Webinar, multiple prebuilt meeting templates are available to choose from, all of which are customizable (you can also create and use custom templates). Attendees can share computer screens/files, chat with one another, broadcast audio and video, and participate in interactive online activities.

Interactive Webinars offers three different licenses, each with various functions and capacities.

After the webinar, access event performance analytics via reports and dashboards containing lead and aggregate engagement data. Interactive Webinar-specific filters and triggers allow you to find specific groups of people that took specific actions (e.g., clicked a link, downloaded an asset, and more).


Do I need a separate Adobe Connect license to use Interactive Webinars?

No. Only an active Marketo Engage subscription is required to use Interactive Webinars.

What are the different Interactive Webinar licenses?

Interactive webinars has three types of licenses.

1. Shared Events License - This license is available in different participant capacities: 500, 1000, and 1500. It contains a limited number of webinars that can be utilized and 3GB of storage.

2. Shared Rooms License - This license is available in different participant capacities: 200, 500, 1000, and 1500. It contains an unlimited number of webinars that can be utilized and unlimited storage.

3. Additional Storage License - This license contains additional storage (100GB or 1TB) that can be used across multiple Shared Events Licenses where the storage limit has been exceeded.

You can acquire any combination of these licenses.

I have exhausted my included number of Interactive Webinars. How do I get more sessions, or more capacity?

Please contact the Adobe Account Team (your Account Manager) for assistance.

As a Marketo Admin, can I control which of my Marketo users can create Interactive Webinars?

Yes, you can control which Marketo users get permission to create and deliver Interactive Webinars. This can be accessed through the Interactive Webinars section in the Admin area of your Adobe Marketo Engage instance.

Do I need to associate the Adobe Connect webinar back to the Interactive Webinar Event Program like with Launchpoint Event Programs?

No, Interactive Webinar Event Programs make the association for you.

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