Dialogue Overview

Dialogues are individual chat conversations. In each Dialogue, you decide where the specific chat conversation is displayed, to whom it will be shown, and what the content of the conversation will be. Each Dialogue also has its own report page where you can monitor effectiveness.

Audience Criteria

The Audience Criteria section of a Dialogue is where you’ll define where and to whom your chat conversation will be shown

Stream Designer

The Stream Designer section of a Dialogue is where you’ll design the conversation that you want to have with your website visitors.


The Reports section of a Dialogue is where you’ll be able to see metrics around how well your Dialogue is performing.

Disable/Enable all Dialogues

You have the ability to disable (and re-enable) all published Dialogues at the same time.

  1. In Dynamic Chat, click the Configuration tab.

  2. Toggle the Chat Enabled switch to off to disable (and back on to re-enable) all Dialogues.

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