Screens Notification Service notification-service

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AEM Screens Notifications Service allows administrators to receive a report with a list of all the AEM Screens players which did not ping for a configurable period of time on an email.

How to configure

On AEM Screens Cloud, customers can request a report on device inactivity status by creating a support ticket with following information:

  • Customer Name
  • IMS OrgID
  • Schedule Frequency: Specify a time or frequency in hours (for example, 1) at which this monitor should send emails.
  • Ping Timeout: Specifies the interval in minutes after which a device should be considered not reachable.
  • Email ID(s) : Email id(s) where the report will be sent
Emails will have the player reported only if the device that has not pinged for the given ping timeout at the time of generating the email.

Example Use Case

If you set the report time as 5 am and the ping timeout as 1 hour, then if your Screens device does not ping between 4:00 am - 5:00 am, you will receive an email notification confirming device inactivity.