Troubleshooting AEM when Authoring troubleshooting-aem-when-authoring

The following section covers some issues that you might encounter when using AEM, together with suggestions on how to troubleshoot them.

Old page version still on published site old-page-version-still-on-published-site

  • Issue:

    • You have made changes to a page and published the page to the publish site, but the old version of the page is still being shown on the publish site.
  • Reason:

    • This can have several causes, most often the cache (either your local browser or the Dispatcher), though it can sometimes be an issue with the replication queue.
  • Solutions:

    • There are various possibilities here:

    • Confirm that the page has been replicated correctly. Check the page status and if necessary, the state of the replication queue.

    • Clear the cache in your local browser and access your page again.

    • Add ? to the end of the page URL. For example:

      • http://<host>:<port>/sites.html/content?
      • This will request the page directly from AEM and bypass the Dispatcher. If you receive the updated page, it is an indication that you should clear the Dispatcher cache.
    • Contact your system administrator is there are issues with the replication queues.

Component Actions not visible on Toolbar component-actions-not-visible-on-toolbar

  • Issue:
    • The full range of applicable component actions are not visible when editing a content page on the author environment.
  • Reason:
    • In rare cases a previous action might impact the toolbar.
  • Solution:
    • Refresh the page.