An Introduction to Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service an-introduction-to-adobe-experience-manager-as-a-cloud-service

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is now available as a Cloud Service.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a Cloud Service is the latest offering of the AEM product line, helping you continue to provide your customers with personalized, content-led experiences. It provides cloud-native agility to accelerate time to value and is extensible to meet your unique business requirements. You can build on past investments and innovations by preserving and extending all your use cases and functionalities.

AEM as a Cloud Service lets you capitalize on the AEM applications in a cloud-native way, so that you can:

  • Scale your DevOps efforts with Cloud Manager: CI/CD framework, autoscaling, API connectivity, flexible deployment modes, code quality gates, service delivery transparency, and guided updates.

  • Enable developers to add automation to application development practices.

  • Deliver content quickly and efficiently on a global scale, using a built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN) and other network-layer best practices.

  • Leverage a dynamic architecture that auto-scales, thus removing infrastructure considerations.

  • Stay on top of threats and security-risk mitigation, using automated tests to scan for common vulnerabilities.

  • Ensure maximum resilience and efficiency backed by optimized performance topologies.

  • Take advantage of AEM as a Cloud Service’s deep integration with the Adobe Experience Cloud to provide better customer experiences with online marketing and web analytics products.

  • Utilize tools that help accelerate the migration tasks, such as code refactoring, transfer of content, and more.

With AEM as a Cloud Service,

  • Developers can concentrate on configuring and extending AEM with the new cloud-based development pattern.

  • Content Authors can take advantage of the latest innovations delivered to them regularly.

  • System Administrators can minimize manual tasks in configuration and infrastructure maintenance.

  • Marketing Professionals can achieve faster time-to-value.

See Terminology for some of the new terms that have been introduced with AEM as a Cloud Service.

Value Added as a Cloud Service value-added-as-a-cloud-service

AEM achieves these goals by adopting the main characteristics of modern cloud services:

  • It is always on:

    • The entire service architecture has been revisited so that you do not experience any downtime; for neither the content management, nor the content delivery capabilities.
  • It is always at scale:

    • All instances of AEM as a Cloud Service are created equal; so the service architecture will automatically scale, up and down, depending on your needs.
  • It is always current:

    • AEM as a Cloud Service implements a new, continuous delivery pipeline for the AEM codebase, with automated updates up to several times a month. This solves one of the main challenges of AEM applications, by keeping you current on the most recent version.
  • It is always evolving:

    • AEM as a Cloud Service evolves on a daily basis, based on the projects implemented by our customers. Content, code and configurations are constantly reviewed and vetted against best practices, allowing us to guide you on how to achieve your business goals.

Getting to Know Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service getting-to-know-aem-as-cloud-service

Once you have an overview of AEM as a Cloud Service, you can onboard quickly by reviewing the Onboarding Journey.
Already onboarded or ready to dive into testing AEM’s features? Install the AEM Reference Demos Add-On to explore AEM’s powerful features using rich examples.