AEM Reference Demos Add-on Journey reference-demos-add-on-journey

Start here for a guided journey on adding the AEM Reference Demos Add-on to a sandbox environment with minimal AEM configuration. And, test the powerful features of AEM Sites and AEM Screens with rich examples based on best-practices.

Introduction introduction

AEM is a powerful tool set for creating and managing digital experiences. Content authors can easily create digital experiences using the sites editor. They can organize the content using the sites console, all while being able to see live content as it is delivered by AEM to your audiences across channels.

Without sample content and configuration, it can be difficult to test the powerful features of AEM for new and experienced clients alike. The AEM Reference Demos Add-on allows for the easy creation of sandbox environments pre-loaded with sample content and pre-configured using the latest Adobe best practices guidelines. With the add-on, you can easily evaluate AEM Sites and AEM Screens features in context and with hardly any configuration.

  • If you are new to AEM, following this journey is the easiest way to get up-and-running with real content in an actual, fully functioning AEM environment. It lets you test functionality and get to know the capabilities of AEM.
  • If you are an experienced AEM user, following this journey is the easiest way to set up a separate demo environment for testing purposes or create a POC using new functionality.

Whatever your particular need, if you need an AEM environment filled with realistic, fully functioning, sample content, setting up a sandbox with the AEM Reference Demo Add-on is for you. Keep reading!

AEM Documentation Journeys documentation-journeys

A Documentation Journey ties together many different topics and features by providing a narrative that helps the reader understand and solve a business problem from beginning to end, while assuming minimal prior topic or AEM knowledge.

Documentation Journeys are designed around best practices principles, informed by Adobe’s latest research, proven implementation experience from Adobe consultants, and feedback from customer projects.

If you want to know how Adobe recommends how to solve sites business cases with AEM, AEM Sites Journeys are where to start.

Audience audience

This journey lays out the requirements, steps, and approach to create a program and set up an AEM sandbox with the AEM Reference Demos Add-on including demo comtemt of Sites, or Screens, or both. Its primary audience is the system administrator assigned to the Business Owner role in Cloud Manager. The Business Owner is usually the same person who is in charge of environment management. However, after the Reference Demos Add-on is installed, that administrator may grant other users access to the AEM environment to test the features that are enabled by the add-on.

The AEM Reference Demo Add-on Journey the-journey

You explore several topics in this journey. The following articles give you foundational knowledge of creating a program and setting up and using the AEM Reference Demos Add-on and should be read in the order that they are. They link out to detailed technical documentation as necessary.

AEM Reference Demos Add-on Journey
This document
Understand Reference Demo Add-on Installation
Learn about Cloud Manager and how it is used to install the add-on.
Create a Program and a Pipeline
Learn how to set up a new program and pipeline to deploy the add-on.
Create a Demo Site
Create a demo site in AEM based on a library of pre-configured templates.
(Optional) Enable AEM Screens for Your Demo Site
Optional - Learn the extra steps to enable the full AEM Screens as a Cloud Service experience on your demo site.
Manage Your Demo Sites
Learn about the tools available to help you manage your demo sites and how to remove them.

What’s Next what-is-next

You are now ready to get started on your AEM Reference Demo Add-on journey.

  • If you want to learn how Cloud Manager and AEM work together to create your demo environments, and how to set up and use your own, continue to Understand Reference Demo Add-on Installation. Be sure you proceed through the articles in order.
  • If you are experienced with Cloud Manager, or you want to jump directly into configuration and usage of the add-on, skip to Create a Program and a Pipeline and start your journey there.

Additional Resources additional-resources

Check out these additional resources for more information on how AEM’s powerful features work together.