Publishing Channels in Screens as a Cloud Service publish-channel-screens-cloud

Introduction introduction

You can publish content from AEM Screens. The Manage Publication feature lets you deliver content updates from author to publish to player. You can publish or un-publish content for your entire AEM Screens project or only for one of your channels, location, player, or an application.

After you create you channel or channels in your project, it is mandatory to publish the channels to display the channel/channels in inventory list view in AEM Screens Services Provider.

Objective objective

This document helps you understand publishing the edited content to the Screens Services provider and player. After reading you should be able to:

  • understand how to publish a channel
  • manage publication, in terms of scope

Steps to Publish a Channel publish-channel

Follow the steps below to publish the channel:

  1. Navigate and select the channel from your project, such as FirstDigitalExperience --> Channels --> LoopingChannelOne.

    Select Channel

  2. Click Manage Publication from the action bar.

  3. Select the Action as Publish and Scheduling as Now from the Manage Publication wizard and click Next.

    Select Publish Action

    note note
    Click Include Children from the action bar and un-check all the options to publish all the modules in your project and click Add to publish. By default, all the boxes are checked and you have to manually un-check the boxes to publish all the modules in your project.
  4. After selecting the channel from the Manage Publication wizard, click Publish to publish the channel.

    Publish the Channel

What’s Next whats-next

Now, that you have published your channels in the project, you should now continue your Screens as a Cloud Service journey by next reviewing the document, Installing and Configuring Players in Screens as a Cloud Service.