Post Go-Live post-go-live

This journey is the last part, so you learn to how to monitor for issues and improve performance after the migration is complete. You should ensure the clean-up of temporary files, review best practices for continuous development and manage logs.

The Story So Far story-so-far

In the previous step of the journey, you learned how to perform the migration and Go-live once the code and the content were ready to be moved over to AEM as a Cloud Service.

Objective objective

This document describes the tools that are available to troubleshoot AEM as a Cloud Service environments:

  • Developer Console
  • CRXDE Lite
  • Managing Logs

Developer Console developer-console

Debugging AEM as a Cloud Service developer environments is available in the Developer Console for development, stage, and production environments.

See Implementing for AEM as a Cloud Service to learn more about development tools.

CRXDE Lite crxde-lite

As a user, you can access CRXDE Lite on the development environment but not stage or production.

Writing to immutable repositories such as /libs and /apps at runtime results in errors. Also, you do not have access to developer tooling for staging and production environments.

See Developing with CRXDE Lite for more information about how to develop your AEM application using CRXDE Lite.

Managing Logs managing-logs

Users can access a list of available log files for the selected environment.

See Accessing and Managing Logs to learn how to access and manage logs through the user interface or from the API by way of the Cloud Manager.

Contacting Support contacting-support

If you have questions about access to Cloud Service, contact your Adobe representative or Support for Experience Cloud for more details.

Document learnings document-learnings

Once the migration is complete, document the knowledge gained during this process. Some questions that might help the documentation process are:

  • What worked well and what did not?
  • What were the major pain points?
  • Recommendations if there is a future migration.

Share these post-migration learnings with stakeholders and teams inside your organization.

The Journey Ends - Or Does It? journey-ends

Congratulations! You have completed the AEM as a Cloud Service Migration Journey! You should have an understanding of how to:

  • Get started with moving to AEM as a Cloud Service
  • Determine if your deployment is ready to be moved to AEM as a Cloud Service
  • Make your code and content cloud ready
  • Perform the migration
  • Monitor for issues and improve performance