Accessing and Managing Logs manage-logs

Learn how to access and manage logs to aid your development process in AEM as a Cloud Service.

You can access a list of available log files for the selected environment using the Environments card from the Overview page or Environment Details page.

Logs are retained for seven days.

Downloading Logs download-logs

To download logs, do the following:

  1. Log into Cloud Manager at and select the appropriate organization.

  2. On the My Programs console, select the program.

  3. Navigate to the Environments card from the Overview page.

  4. Select Download Logs from the ellipsis menu.

    Download logs menu item

  5. In the Download Logs dialog, select the appropriate Service from the drop-down menu

    Download Logs dialog

    In case Additional Publish Regions are enabled for your environment, you will be able to select each region and download its logs separately, as shown below:

    Download Logs for additional publish regions

  6. Once you select your service, click the download icon next to the log you want to retrieve.

You can also access your logs from the Environments page.

Logs from the Environments screen

Logs Via API logs-through-api

In addition to downloading logs through the UI, logs are available through the API and the command-line interface.

To download the log files for a specific environment, the command would be similar to the following.

$ aio cloudmanager:download-logs --programId 5 1884 author aemerror

Also, you can tail logs by way of the command-line interface.

$ aio cloudmanager:tail-log --programId 5 1884 author aemerror

To obtain the environment Id (1884 in this example) and the available service or log name options, you can use the following commands.

$ aio cloudmanager:list-environments
Environment Id Name                     Type  Description
1884           FoundationInternal_dev   dev   Foundation Internal Dev environment
1884           FoundationInternal_stage stage Foundation Internal STAGE environment
1884           FoundationInternal_prod  prod  Foundation Internal Prod environment

$ aio cloudmanager:list-available-log-options 1884
Environment Id Service    Name
1884           author     aemerror
1884           author     aemrequest
1884           author     aemaccess
1884           publish    aemerror
1884           publish    aemrequest
1884           publish    aemaccess
1884           dispatcher httpderror
1884           dispatcher aemdispatcher
1884           dispatcher httpdaccess

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