Language Copy Wizard language-copy-wizard

The Language Copy Wizard is a guided experience for creating and instrumenting multilingual content structure. The wizard makes creating a language copy simple and fast.

If you are new to translating content, see Sites Translation Journey, which is guided path through translating your AEM Sites content using AEM’s powerful translation tools, ideal for those with no AEM or translation experience.
The user must be a member of the project-administrators group to create a language copy of a site.

To access the wizard:

  1. In the sites console, select a page and select Create and select Language Copy.

    Create language copy from wizard

  2. The wizard opens to the Select Source step which lets you add/remove pages. You also have the option of including or excluding the subpages. Select the pages you want to include and select Next.

    Adding pages with the wizard

  3. The Configure step of the wizard lets you add/remove languages and select translation method. Select Next.

    Configure step of wizard

    note note
    By default, there is only one translation setting. To be able to select other settings, you have to configure cloud configurations first. See Configuring the Translation Integration Framework.
  4. In the Translate step of the wizard you can choose between creating the structure only, creating a translation project, or adding to an existing translation project.

    note note
    If you selected multiple languages in the previous step, multiple translation projects are created.

    Translation step of wizard

  5. The Create button ends the wizard. Select Done to close the wizard or Open to view the resulting translation project.

    End wizard