Release Notes for Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service 2020.9.0 release-notes

The following section outlines the general Release Notes for Experience Manager as a Cloud Service 2020.9.0.

Release Date release-date

The Release Date for Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service 2020.9.0 is September 24, 2020.

Adobe Experience Manager Sites as a Cloud Service sites

What is new in Sites what-is-new-sites

Adobe Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service assets

What is new in Assets what-is-new-assets

  • Watermarking image files is supported for renditions generated with asset microservices. It can be configured as a Processing Profile and uses a PNG file as a watermark. See watermark your assets.

  • Enhancements in Dynamic Media

    • Selective Publish - It is now possible for a marketing team to access Dynamic Media smart crop images and dynamic renditions that are synchronized to Dynamic Media so they can create promotional materials, all without the need to publish those assets to Dynamic Media for global delivery. Experience Manager and Dynamic Media publishing is decoupled and can occur separately to achieve this. See selective publish.
    • Administrators can now reset Dynamic Media Cloud Service password that is received on provisioning. The reset can be done in Experience Manager user interface, without the need to use the Dynamic Media Classic desktop app.
  • To know about the following enhancements, see what is new in Brand Portal.

    • Enhanced PDF preview with Adobe Document Cloud View SDK integration.
    • Single-click download functionality.
    • New administration configurations for the download experience.

Adobe Experience Manager Commerce as a Cloud Service cloud-services-commerce

What is New what-is-new-commerce

  • Released CIF Core Components v1.3.0. See CIF Core Components for more details.

  • Preview capability with product/category for product and category templates is now available. This allows business users/marketers in AEM to view the product/category templates with real data.

  • Properties page added to products and categories to allow business users to view details associated with the product SKU/category id.

  • Sorting feature added to Product Console to allow sorting of products/categories by name or price attributes.

  • Product search functionality added to Product Console.

Bug Fixes bug-fixes-commerce

  • Commerce Cloud configurations did not respect inheritance. This has been fixed to ensure that configuration inherits values.

Cloud Manager cloud-manager

Release Date release-date-cm

The Release Date for Cloud Manager Version 2020.9.0 is September 03, 2020.

What’s New what-is-new-cloud-manager

  • Content Audit has been relabeled as Experience Audit.
  • The build process has been separated into three separate Maven commands.
  • If the Git Repository fails to be cloned, it is reattempted up to three times.

Bug Fixes bug-fixes-cm

  • The Content Audit tab incorrectly displayed the base URL using the author domain instead of the publish domain.

Cloud Readiness Analyzer cloud-readiness-analyzer

Follow this section to learn about what is new and the updates for Cloud Readiness Analyzer Release v1.1.0.

What is New what-is-new-cra

  • The Cloud Readiness Analyzer (CRA) has a start state console that displays an explicit Generate Report button for the user to click to execute the CRA.

  • The CRA UI displays progress while it is running. It displays items being analyzed and findings found during execution.

  • The CRA report displays a summary and the number of the findings in a tabular format organized by the type of finding and the importance level. Clicking on the number of that finding will automatically scroll to the location of that finding in the report.

Bug Fixes cra-bug-fixes

  • In certain cases, the CRA report was not getting updated after forcing a refresh. This has been fixed in this version.

Content Transfer Tool content-transfer-tool

Follow this section to learn about what is new and the updates for Content Transfer Tool Release v1.1.10.

What is New what-is-new-ctt

  • The Content Transfer Tool (CTT) supports Azure Blob Store Data Store.

  • The CTT user interface has an auto-reload feature that reloads the overview page every 30 seconds.

  • Button added to CTT user interface to retrieve Access Token easily.

  • Descriptive validation message added for URL and Migration Set Name.

Code Refactoring Tools code-refactoring

Follow this section to learn about what is new and the updates for Code Refactoring Tools.

What is New what-is-new-refactoring