Viewing Logs for a Migration Set view-logs-content-transfer-tool

Upon completion of each step (extraction and ingestion) check the logs and look for errors. Any errors should be addressed immediately either by dealing with the issues reported or by contacting Adobe support.

Steps for Viewing Logs viewing-logs

Extraction Logs

To view the Extraction Logs, go to your source Adobe Experience Manager instance, then select the desired migration set.

Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Select a migration set and click View Log from the action bar. This will bring up the Logs dialog. Click Extraction log to view the logs in a new tab.

    Or, click the FINISHED status to view logs in a new tab.

  2. To tail the logs without using the user interface, you can SSH into your source AEM environment and tail the crx-quickstart/cloud-migration/extraction-XXXXX/output.log file.

Ingestion Logs

To view Ingestion logs, go to the Ingestion Jobs list in Cloud Acceleration Manager, then find the desired migration job and click the three dots () of the job. You can then click Download log to download logs.