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Adobe Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service offers a cloud-native, Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution for businesses to create, manage, publish, and update complex digital forms while integrating submitted data with back-end processes, business rules, and saving data in an external data store.

The service is always current, always available, and always learning. Organizations can use AEM Forms as a Cloud Service and get all these features in the cloud without requiring any local infrastructure. The service also frees organizations from complex upgrade cycles as it is always up to date with the latest features.

Adobe Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service is a customer-centric solution to support every step of the customer journey:

Digitize and streamline enrollment and onboarding experience

You can use the service to create and roll out interactive and engaging digital forms. For example, take an organization that is looking to digitize its customer enrollment journey. They have multiple data sources with existing customer data. They are looking to pre-populate forms, add e-sign their forms, and archive filled forms as PDF files. Besides, the organization has multiple print forms (PDF forms), they are also looking to convert their print forms to digital forms.

The organization can use AEM Forms as a Cloud Service to create digital forms, connect forms to existing data sources, integrate forms with Adobe Sign to add e-signatures to forms, and generate Document of Record (DoR) to archive submitted forms as PDF files. The organization can also use the service to convert their existing PDF forms to digital forms.

In large enterprises, forms are often created once and reused by copying to a content management system. Keeping a large database of forms up to date and making them discoverable can be a considerable challenge. AEM provides a customizable Forms Portal that ensures that customers find and access forms they need across both web and mobile channels. You can customize appearance, branding, and logos of Forms Portal to meet specific requirements of your organization.

Deliver personalized communications

An important component of an efficient self-service digital experience is to communicate timely, personalized information that users can access from anywhere, and on any device. Personalized and timely communications can improve both conversion rates and user satisfaction.

Using AEM Forms, business users can create compelling personalized user experiences by customizing document templates and incorporating information from back-end processes to the templates. A set of intuitive APIs helps business set rules that decide when to generate a communication based on an inquiry, or at regular interval in batches.

Personalized documents, like, receipts, welcome kits, and statements can be easily generated. Organizations can drive traffic to personalized web portals resulting in enrollment or purchase of additional services.

Automate back-office workflows

Use forms-centric workflows to automate the processing and routing of form data to various stakeholders, such as managers or departments, for review, approval, or further processing. These workflows help your organization to minimize risk and maintain compliance by ensuring consistent and auditable processing of form data, automate manual tasks, provide role-based access control, and help comply with regulatory requirements.

Optimize forms performance

The service integrates with Adobe Analytics that lets you capture and track performance metrics for your published forms. The objective behind analyzing these metrics is to make informed decisions based on data about the changes required to make forms or document more usable. You can use Adobe Analytics to discover interaction patterns and problems users face while using adaptive forms.

Get started key-features

Adaptive Forms

Create and manage interactive, dynamic, responsive, mobile-friendly, and data-driven forms for your websites, apps, and other digital and print channels. Review the following to get started, understand, and implement enrollment experiences:

Communications APIs

Automate creation, management, and delivery of personalized, data-driven communications with RESTful APIs on-demand or at scheduled intervals like monthly statements and account notices. Review the following to get started, understand, and create:

Automated Forms Conversion Service

Convert legacy PDF-based forms into Adaptive Forms that can be easily managed and distributed online. Review the following to get started:

Forms Workflows

Automate business processes involving forms and document services. Assign, route, review, and approve forms and document as these move through different stages of a business process. Review the following to get started:


Integrate with Adobe Sign and Adobe Sign Solutions for Government to easily send Forms and documents to users for e-signatures:

Forms Analytics

Use Adobe Analytics to gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences:

Data Sources

Easily connect your forms and documents with external data sources to retrieve and send data: