Submit an Adaptive Form to Microsoft® OneDrive

The Submit to OneDrive Submit Action connects an Adaptive Form with a Microsoft® OneDrive. You can submit the form data, files, attachments, or Document of Record to the connected Microsoft® OneDrive Storage.

AEM as a Cloud Service offers various out of the box submit actions for handling form submissions. You can learn more about these options in the Adaptive Form Submit Action article.


Some of the advantages of seamless integration of AEM Forms and Microsoft® OneDrive are:

  • Cross-device accessibility of OneDrive ensures that stored form data is readily available on different platforms. Users can access the submitted data, attachments, and documents from desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, enhancing accessibility and flexibility.
  • OneDrive integration with AEM forms provides a reliable and scalable solution for efficient data storage. All Adaptive Form submissions, such as files, attachments, and Document of Record, can be conveniently saved in OneDrive, ensuring organized and accessible data.

Connect OneDrive to an Adaptive Form

Configuring OneDrive for AEM Forms submission, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a OneDrive Configuration: It connects AEM Forms to your Microsoft® OneDrive Storage.
  2. Use the Submit to OneDrive submit action in an Adaptive Form: It connects your Adaptive Form to configured Microsoft® OneDrive.

Create a OneDrive Configuration create-onedrice-configuration

To connect AEM Forms to your Microsoft® OneDrive Storage:

  1. Go to your AEM Forms Author instance > Tools > Cloud Services > Microsoft® OneDrive.

  2. Once you select the Microsoft® OneDrive, you are redirected to OneDrive Browser.

  3. Select a Configuration Container. The configuration is stored in the selected Configuration Container.

  4. Click Create. The OneDrive configuration wizard appears.

    OneDrive Configuration Screen

  5. Specify the Title, Client ID, Client Secret and OAuth URL. For information on how to retrieve Client ID, Client Secret, Tenant ID for OAuth URL, see Microsoft® Documentation.

    • You can retrieve the Client ID and Client Secret of your app from the Microsoft® Azure portal.
    • In the Microsoft® Azure portal, add the Redirect URI as https://[author-instance]/libs/cq/onedrive/content/configurations/wizard.html. Replace [author-instance] with the URL of your Author instance.
    • Add the API permissions offline_access and Files.ReadWrite.All to provide read/write permissions.
    • Use OAuth URL: Replace <tenant-id> with the tenant-id of your app from the Microsoft® Azure portal.
    note note
    The client secret field is mandatory or optional depends upon your Azure Active Directory application configuration. If your application is configured to use a client secret, it is mandatory to provide the client secret.
  6. Click Connect. On a successful connection, the Connection Successful message appears.

  7. Now, select OneDrive Container > [OneDrive Folder] to save the data.

    note note
    • By default, forms-ootb-storage-adaptive-forms-submission is present at OneDrive Container.
    • Create a folder as forms-ootb-storage-adaptive-forms-submission, if not already present by clicking Create Folder.

Now, you can use this OneDrive storage configuration for the submit action in an Adaptive Form.

Use OneDrive Configuration in an Adaptive Form use-onedrive-configuartion-in-af

You can use the created OneDrive storage configuration in an Adaptive Form, to save data or generated Document of Record in a OneDrive folder. Perform the following steps to use OneDrive storage configuration in an Adaptive Form as:

  1. Create an Adaptive Form.

    note note
    • Select the same Configuration Container for an Adaptive Form, where you have created your OneDrive storage.
    • If no Configuration Container is selected, then the global Storage Configuration folders appear in the Submit Action properties window.
  2. Select Submit Action as Submit to OneDrive.
    OneDrive GIF

  3. Select the Storage Configuration, where you want to save your data.

  4. Click Save to save the Submit settings.

When you submit the form, the data is saved in the specified Microsoft® OneDrive Storage.
Folder structure to save data is /folder_name/form_name/year/month/date/submission_id/data.