Components components

Components are the fundamental authoring building block of content pages in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Components such as images, text, titles, and so on, can be easily dragged and dropped to build your content.

AEM comes with a variety of out-of-the-box components that provide comprehensive functionality for website authors. They are available when editing a page and are grouped by main functional area (called component group) to aid filtering.

This section only discusses components that are available out-of-the-box in a standard AEM installation.
Depending on your instance you may have customized components developed explicitly for your requirements. These may even have the same name as some of the components discussed here.

General Usage general-usage

The components are available on the Components tab of the side panel of the page editor when editing a page.

You can select a component and drag it to the required location on your page. You can then edit it using:

For more information about adding components to a page, see Editing Page Content.

Overview of All Components overview-of-all-components

The Components Console gives an overview of the component groups and components that are provided by your AEM installation. You can view key information about the individual components and their usage.

Core Components core-components

The Core Components offer flexible and feature-rich authoring functionality, which provide essential content types to create pages.

They are build using AEM best practices and are the foundation of the AEM authoring experience. Core Components can be easily extended by developers to meet specific project needs.

Along with the WCM Core Components, you can also use Adaptive Forms Core Components. These Core Components provide a standard and easier methods to create or add forms to an AEM Sites Page.

Configuring Templates configuring-templates

If your page is based on the recommended, modern, editable template, you can edit the template enable/disable these and edit parameters for specific components.