Configuration installation-and-configuration

You can encounter some of the following issues while configuring a Cloud Service environment:

Forms option is unavailable

The Forms option is not available on the Navigation page.

Forms option is unavailable

To enable the Forms option:

  1. Login to the Cloud Manager

  2. Locate your program and click the Forms option is unavailable icon. It opens the Edit Program page for your program.

  3. Open the Solutions & Add-ons tab.

  4. Select the Forms option and Click Save.

    Select the Forms option

  5. Create and run both production and non-production pipelines.

After the pipeline is built and deployed, the Forms option on the Navigation page.

Build pipeline fails build-pipeline-fails

Users are unable to run build pipeline. The pipeline fails after running for some time.

To resolve the issue, open Cloud Manager, select the Update option for your environment, and run the pipeline.

Bundles are not in the active state bundles-inactive-state

To resolve the issue, perform the following steps:

  1. Start AEM and wait for it to start completely until all the bundles are up.
  2. Stop AEM (Ctrl + C).
  3. Place the Forms .far file in the installation folder.
  4. Restart the AEM server.