AEM Dispatcher Converter introduction

Adobe Experience Manager Dispatcher Converter converts existing configurations on AEM Dispatcher to configurations on AEM as a Cloud Service Dispatcher.

Introduction to Dispatcher introduction-dispatcher

Dispatcher is Adobe Experience Manager’s caching, or load-balancing, or both, tool. Using AEM’s Dispatcher also helps to protect your AEM server from attack. Therefore, you can increase the security of your AEM instance by using the Dispatcher with an enterprise-class web server.

The most common use of Dispatcher is to cache responses from an AEM publish instance, to increase the responsiveness and security of your externally facing published website.

See Dispatcher Overview to learn how Dispatcher performs caching, returns documents and performs Load Balancing.

Apache and Dispatcher Configuration and Testing dispatcher-configurations-cloud

Learn how to structure the AEM as a Cloud Service Apache and Dispatcher configurations, and how to validate and run it locally before deploying to Cloud environments.

See Dispatcher in the Cloud for more information.

AEM Dispatcher Converter aem-dispatcher-converter

AEM Dispatcher Converter provides the capability of refactoring existing on-premise or Adobe Managed Services Dispatcher configurations to AEM as a Cloud Service compatible Dispatcher configuration.

Using AEM Dispatcher Converter using-dispatcher-converter

  • By way of Adobe Developer CLI : Adobe recommends that you use the AEM Dispatcher Converter by way of aio-cli-plugin-aem-cloud-service-migration (AEM as a Cloud Service code refactoring plugin for the Adobe Developer CLI).

    See Git Resource: aio-cli-plugin-aem-cloud-service-migration so you can learn how to install and use the plugin.

  • As a standalone utility : The AEM Dispatcher Converter tool can also be run as a standalone utility.

    See Git Resource: AEM Cloud Service Dispatcher Converter so you can learn about the usage and troubleshooting for this tool.

AEM Dispatcher Converter is developed using NodeJS. Adobe recommends that you have NodeJS 10.0+ installed.