Accessing Repositories accessing-repos

Learn how to access and manage your git repository using the self-service git account management from Cloud Manager.

Using Self-Service Repository Account Management self-service-repos

Cloud Manager makes it easy to retrieve your repository info by using the Access Repo Info button available prominently on the pipeline card.

  1. Log into Cloud Manager at and select the appropriate organization and program.

  2. Navigate to Pipelines card from your Program Overview page and find the Access Repo Info button to access and manage your git Repository.

    Access Repo Info button on Environments card

  3. Click the View Repo Info button to open a dialog to view:

    • The URL to the Cloud Manager git repository.
    • The git username.
    • The git password, the value of which is shown when the Generate Password button is clicked.

    Repo Info View

Using these credentials, the user can clone a local copy of the repository, and make changes in that local repository, and when ready can commit any code changes back to the remote code repository in Cloud Manager.

The Access Repo Info option is also available on the Non-Production pipeline tab of the Pipelines card.

Access Repo Info button on non-production tab

The Access Repo Info option is visible to users with Developer or Deployment Manager roles.

Revoking an Access Password revoke-password

You can revoke an access password at any time. To do so, please create a support ticket for this request.

The ticket will be treated with high priority and should be revoked within one day.