Indexing after Migrating Content Indexing-content

Indexing aem-indexing-process

Once the Cloud Acceleration Manager completes the ingestion of content into your Cloud Service instance, it is ready to be used. Initially the content is not indexed, likely resulting in an unstable environment where issues such as unsearchable content and degraded performance can be expected. For optimum performance on the instance, the migration process will automatically start indexing the content. There is nothing to be done, except to monitor the indexing progress.

For information on how to start an ingestion, see Ingesting Content into Cloud Service.

The following steps show the general flow you can expect to see in the UI during indexing. Some labels provide helpful context in tooltips, so be sure to hover over items to learn more about the current indexing status.

To begin, go to Cloud Acceleration Manager. Click your project card and then click the Content Transfer card. Navigate to Ingestion Jobs and see the jobs listed.

You can view or download the indexing logs by using the ingestion job’s actions, using the … drop-down list. The logs will be available in the
‘Indexing log’ actions section, after the indexing job is complete


This is how the ingestion job’s row will appear when the ingestion is running, before the indexing job has been started. There is no action required from the user. If the ingestion fails for whatever reason, the queueing of the index job will be rescinded, and not be started.



When the ingestion succeeds, the indexing job is initiated automatically. The ingestion job row will show a progress icon for the AEM indexing status. You may open the duration dialog to see the progress of the job.



When the indexing job succeeds the instance is ready to be used at optimum performance. At this point, the indexing job logs are available to view or download to inspect them.



The indexing of the destination Cloud Service instance will most likely succeed. In some cases, it can fail and the ingestion job row will appear as follows. In all cases, you can find out some details of the failure by hovering over the failure status, and it may provide more information to help you determine next steps. At this point, the indexing job logs are available to view or download to help discover the source of the failure. If the next step is not clear, contact Adobe Support with details of the ingestion and the indexing log.

If the indexing job seems to be running too long, ensure that an IP Allowlist has not been applied through Cloud Manager as it blocks Cloud Acceleration Manager from reaching the migration service.


What’s Next whats-next

Once the destination cloud service instance has been indexed, you can view logs of the indexing jobs and look for details and errors.

The migration is complete. Testing and validation of the destination cloud service instance can begin.