2022.3.0 Release Notes for Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service release-notes

The following section outlines the feature release Notes for the 2022.3.0 version of Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

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Release Date release-date

The release date of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service current release (2022.3.0) is March 31, 2022.
The next release (2022.4.0) is planned for May 5, 2022.

Release Video release-video

Have a look at the March 2022 Release Overview video for a summary of the features added in the 2022.3.0 release.

Experience Manager Sites as a Cloud Service sites

New features available in Sites prerelease channel prerelease-features-sites

  • Content model data types can now be defined as translatable using a simple checkbox in the content model editor. Also, AEM translation rules and configurations are automatically updated.

Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service assets

New features in Assets assets-features

  • AEM Dynamic Media now provides the flexibility to configure one alias account in the user interface, thereby ensuring out-of-the-box Dynamic Media URLs and Viewer Embed code are updated. This positively impacts SEO, to reflect updates made to your business context, such as rebranding.

  • You can now use the Experience Manager Assets user interface to:

  • The administrators can now configure email service for large downloads. It allows the users to enable email notifications for large downloads from the Experience Manager Assets interface. The user receives an email notification containing the download link of the archived zip folder upon completion of the download process.

  • The Manage Publication feature is enhanced with an improved user interface. The users can publish or unpublish content to and from the selected destination, Add Content to the publishing list from across the DAM repository, Include Folder Settings to publish content of the selected folders and apply filters, and schedule publishing to a later date or time.

New features available in Assets prerelease channel prerelease-features-assets

  • You can now sort tags in the tag picker window in ascending or descending order based on the tag name, date of creation, or date of modification.

Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service forms

What is new in Forms what-is-new-forms

  • Communications - Document Generation APIs: Document Generation APIs help to combine, rearrange, and validate PDF documents. The service lets you generate documents in synchronous mode. The APIs enables you to create applications that let you:

    • Assemble PDF documents.
    • Disassemble PDF documents.
    • Convert to and validate PDF/A-compliant documents.
  • Automatically convert PDF Forms large than 15 pages to adaptive forms: You can now use automated forms conversion service to convert PDF Forms with up to 40 pages to adaptive forms. The service now provides option to convert sections of forms larger than 15 pages to adaptive form fragments. It helps improve rendering speed of converted forms and makes it easier to load large forms in adaptive form editor.

New features available in Forms prerelease channel prerelease-features-forms

  • Use custom XCI for generating a Document of Record: You can now use a custom XCI file to set various properties of a Document of Record. It overrides the master XCI with the custom changes.

  • Use invisible CAPTCHA in an adaptive form: You can use the invisible CAPTCHA to show the CAPTCHA challenge only in the case of a suspicious activity. If no suspicious activity is found the CAPTCHA challenge is not displayed.

CIF Add-on cloud-services-cif

What is New what-is-new-cif

  • Improved SEO for multi-store scenarios: URL formats for PDP / PLP can now be configured on a store level via the CIF Cloud Config properties
  • Product picker supports staged products by way of a new filter option in the UI. This enables content practitioners to prepare product content management for upcoming product launches
  • Simplified CIF configuration management and error handling by using CIF Cloud Config name instead of config proxy url
  • Manual category selection for Product list and Carousel components. This allows content practitioners to use these components on content pages, outside of the catalog experience

New features available in CIF prerelease channel prerelease-features-cif

  • AEM CIF Search Core Component support Commerce LiveSearch

Experience Manager as a Cloud Service Foundation foundation

What is New what-is-new-foundation

  • For more efficient and effective troubleshooting of custom features in Cloud environments, we’ve released a new developer tool – the Repository Browser. It is a lightweight, read-only, HTML browser that you can launch from the Developer Console. Get visibility into the content repository on the publisher, author, and preview tiers—and in all environments, including production, stage, and dev. Browse the content structure, view properties, and preview and download binaries.


  • The credentials used to authenticate server-to-server API calls (for example, for GraphQL API requests) can now be refreshed before expiration in a self-serve way from the Developer Console. See the documentation for more info.

  • Version purge and audit log purge maintenance tasks, which had not previously been enabled, are now enabled for new environments. See the associated values in the Maintenance Task article.

  • AEM as a Cloud Service SDK Dispatcher Tools now support Mac computers with the M1 chip

Cloud Manager cloud-manager

You can find a complete list of Cloud Manager monthly releases here.

Content Transfer Tool ctt-release

Release Date release-date-ctt

The Release Date for Content Transfer Tool v1.9.0 is February 28, 2022.

What’s New what-is-new-ctt

  • Check Size Guardrails - The Content Transfer Tool Check Size feature helps reduce failed content transfers. With the Check Size feature, users can 1) determine whether they have sufficient disk space in the crx-quickstart subdirectory before extraction, and 2) estimate the migration set size and verify if it’s supported. If one or both of these checks are violated, users see warnings in the CTT UI. With this guardrail, you can avoid content transfer failures and proactively discuss migration options with Adobe Customer Care. See Determining migration set size and disk space for more details.

Best Practices Analyzer bpa-release

Release Date release-date-bpa

The Release Date for Best Practices Analyzer v2.1.26 is March 16, 2022.

What’s New what-is-new-bpa

  • Ability to detect unprocessed assets. If unprocessed assets are detected, these assets either need to be set to processed or need to be removed from the migration set during content transfer to avoid running into issues during content ingestion.
  • Ability to detect if content has more than 1000 vanity URLs. Using a high number of vanity URLs is not best practice since it puts a load on Dispatcher and Publish servers.
  • Ability to identify issues related to Oak index definitions and detect incompatibilities with AEM as a Cloud Service.
  • Ability to detect and report on usage of Externalizer configurations. In AEM as a Cloud Service Externalizer configurations are set by Cloud Manager, hence, existing Externalizer configurations need to be refactored to maintain compatibility.

Bug Fixes bug-fixes-bpa

  • In some scenarios, BPA failed to run because of FormsSelectiveFeaturesAnalysis throwing an assertion error. This has been fixed.
  • BPA was reporting findings related to the WRK pattern as MAJOR instead of CRITICAL. This has been fixed.
  • BPA was incorrectly reporting findings related to OAK index definitions in ui.apps as CRITICAL. This has been fixed