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If a DAM user uploads one or more assets that already exist in the repository, Experience Manager detects the duplication and notifies the user. Duplicate detection is disabled by default as it can have performance impact depending on size of repository and number of assets uploaded.

To enable the feature:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Assets > Assets Configurations.

  2. Click Asset Duplication Detector.

  3. On the Asset Duplication Detector page, click Enabled.

    dam:sha1 value for the Detect Metadata field ensures that duplicate assets are detected even if the filenames are different.

  4. Click Save.

    Asset Duplication Detector

If you have configured Duplication Detector using /apps/example/ configuration file (OSGi configuration), you can continue to use it, however, Adobe recommends using the new method.

Once enabled, Experience Manager sends notifications of duplicate assets to the Experience Manager Inbox. It is an aggregated result for multiple duplicates. Users can choose to remove the assets based on the results.

Inbox notification for duplicate assets

When you upload assets to the repository, Experience Manager detects duplication and notifies you about the first 100 duplicate assets.