Configuring redirect page configuring-redirect-page

On submission of a Core Components based Adaptive Form, you can redirect the user to another webpage or show a message. To configure the redirect page or thank you message:

  1. Open the Adaptive Form for editing.

  2. Open the Content Tree and select the Guide Container.

  3. Click the Adaptive Form Container properties Adaptive Form Container properties icon. The Adaptive Form Container dialog box to configure Data Models opens.

  4. Open the Submission tab. Options to configure a redirect page or a message are displayed:

    Submission dialog of Guide Contaner to configure a redirect page or a message

    • To configure a Redirect URL, for on Submit option, select the Redirect to URL option, and provide an absolute address or a Redirect URL or relative path of an AEM Sites page.

    • To configure a custom or thank you message, select the Show Message option, and provide a message in the Message content box. It is a rich text box, you can use the full screen option to view all the available rich text items.

Form authors can configure a page for each form, to which the form users are redirected after submitting a form.


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