Assigning Player to a Display in Screens as a Cloud Service assign-player-displays-screens-cloud

Once the project setup is complete, you must assign the player to a display to view the content.

Objective objective

This document helps you understand how to assign a player to a display in Screens Services Provider. These are the final mandatory steps before the content starts playing in Screens as a Cloud Service player.

Steps to Assign a Player to a Display create-display

Once you have registered your player, it is mandatory to assign a player to the requisite display, so your content starts playing in your player.

Follow the steps below to assign a player to a display:

  1. Select Players under Network Admin Panel from the left navigation panel and select the player. Click Assign Display


  2. Assign a display dialog box opens. Select the display from the list and click Select.


Content Playback content-playback

After you have assigned a display to a player, as shown in the preceding section, you see the assigned display under the ASSIGNED DISPLAY panel.

Now, the display is assigned to your player and the channel starts playing the content. The player should now download and start playing the content. Congratulations!