Release Notes for Cloud Manager in Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service 2021.12.0 release-notes

This page outlines the release notes for Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service 2021.12.0.

See this page for the current release notes for Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

Release Date release-date

The release date for Cloud Manager in AEM as a Cloud Service 2021.12.0 is December 16, 2021. The next release is planned for January 20, 2022.

What’s New what-is-new

  • The commit hash, which is already visible in the UI, is now also provided in the API.
  • The Activity page now includes a pop-over for running pipelines that provides a summary of pipeline details at-a-glance.
  • Updates to include additional details presented in the Activities page were added.
  • The Learn tab in Cloud Manager now includes quick access to API guides and associated resources.
  • A user with the Deployment Manager role can now initiate the Project/Branch creation wizard for a repository with no branches from the action menu on the repositories page.
  • The Deployment Manager, who is in the add or edit pipeline workflow, is now informed on how to create a branch or project if the selected repository has no branches.
  • A new Cloud Manager self-service feature was added to allow adding free-form variables and secrets at the environment level.
  • With the new Reference Demos Add-On (available on 17 December 2021), the latest demo code bases for AEM products can be installed and be ready to be deployed via the new quick site creation tool in Sites.
  • Front-end pipelines now support pipeline variables.
  • Screens can now be enabled in the Program Edit dialog for all sandboxes.
  • The guidance provided by the call-to-action card in the overview page has been refreshed to accurately reflect its association with the production full stack pipeline.
  • Enhancements to Activity page were added to surface additional details applicable to pipelines including source code, commit ID, and so on.
  • Minor update were made to the UI when copying TXT entries (“TXT value” instead of “TXT record”) to remove potential confusion.
  • The documentation related to certificate errors has been updated to cover additional examples along with trouble-shooting steps.
  • An option is now available in the front-end pipeline execution to reject or approve before deployment to production.
  • The version of the AEM Project Archetype used by Cloud Manager has been updated to version 32.

Bug Fixes bug-fixes

  • Functional and UI test artifacts were not included in the build step log.
  • The logs for the product, functional, and UI test steps were not accessible through the public API.
  • In rare cases, the link from the environment details page to the publish or preview service would be non-functional.
  • Full stack production pipelines remain named “Production Pipeline” even when the user inputs a different name in the name field.