Path Selection path-selection

Often when authoring it is necessary to select another resource such as when defining a link to another page or selecting an image. To easily select a path, path fields offer auto-complete and the path browser allows for more robust selection.

Path Fields path-fields

The example used here to illustrate is the image component. For more information about using and editing components see Components for Page Authoring.

Path fields have auto-complete and look-ahead functionality to make locating a resource easier.

Clicking the Open Selection Dialog button in the path field opens the path browser dialog to allow for more detailed selection options.

Open Selection Dialog button

Alternatively you can start typing in the path field and AEM will offer matching paths as you type.

Open Selection Dialog button

Path Browser path-browser

The path browser is organized like the column view of the Sites console, allowing for more detailed selection of resources.

Path Browser

  • Once a resource is selected, the Select button at the upper-right of the dialog box becomes active.
    • Select to confirm the selection or Cancel to abort.
  • If the context allows for the selection of multiple resources, selecting a resource also activates the Select button, but also adds a count of the number of selected resources to the upper-right of the window.
    • Click the X next to the number to deselect all.
  • When you navigate through the tree, your location is reflected in the breadcrumbs at the top of the dialog.
    • These breadcrumbs can also be used to quickly jump within the resource hierarchy.
  • At any time you can use the search field at the top of the dialog box.
    • Click the X in the search field to clear the search.
  • To narrow your search, you can reveal the filter options and filter your results based on a certain path.

Filters option