Learn about sites content and how to translate it in AEM learn-about

Learn AEM Sites concepts and the theory of AEM translation.

Objective objective

This document helps you understand AEM Sites content creation and how such content can be translated. After reading you should:

  • Understand the basic concepts of content creation in AEM Sites.
  • Be familiar with how AEM supports translation.

AEM Sites Overview aem-sites

AEM Sites is a comprehensive platform for the creation, management, and delivery of digital experiences. Content authors use simple, WYSIWYG drag-and-drop tools to create pages in an intuitive editor, which renders the content just as your audience will consume it.

The pages that make up your experience are easy to manage in the sites console, giving you an overview of your content in an easy to understand hierarchy, allowing easy rearranging, copying, and publishing of your content.

This documentation journey covers only the basics of AEM’s sites features so you as the translation specialist understand the content you need to translate.
For more information on AEM Sites and details of all of its powerful features, see the additional information section at the end of this article for more AEM Sites resources.

Translating Sites Content in AEM translating-in-aem

AEM not only makes it simple to create and manage content, but also makes it easy to translate that content for your audiences no matter where they are.

At a high level, translation in AEM consists of four simple steps:

  1. Define a connection to a translation service by configuring the translation integration framework.
  2. Define which content should be translated using translation rules.
  3. Create a translation project to harvest the content, send it to the translation service, and receive the results.
  4. Review and publish the translated content.

Further in the journey you learn the details about how AEM translates content step-by-step.

What’s Next what-is-next

Thanks for getting started on your AEM Sites translation journey! Now that you read this document you should:

  • Understand the basic concepts of AEM Sites content creation.
  • Be familiar with how AEM supports translation.

Build on this knowledge and continue your AEM Sites translation journey by next reviewing the document Get started with AEM Sites translation where you will have an overview of how AEM manages content and get to know its translation tools.

Additional Resources additional-resources

While it is recommended that you move on to the next part of the sites translation journey by reviewing the document Get started with AEM Sites translation, the following are some additional, optional resources that do a deeper dive on some concepts mentioned in this document, but they are not required to continue on the journey.