AEM User Tasks aem-user-tasks

In this optional part of the onboarding journey, you learn how AEM users can access AEM as a Cloud Service to author content.

The Story So Far story-so-far

You have come a long way in your onboarding journey! Congratulations! The system administrator has completed the onboarding journey by setting up the necessary cloud resources and granting access in the document Assigning AEM Product Profiles.

At this point, your AEM users can start creating content. In this sense, your onboarding is complete and now it is time to use your new AEM as a Cloud Service system, which this document illustrates.

Audience audience

This document is written from the perspective of the AEM user.

The system administrator can also perform these same tasks, but generally these roles are held by different users.

Objective objective

This document is a supplement to the onboarding process to demonstrate the basic tasks of an AEM user once the system administrator has onboarded all the users and created the necessary cloud resources as described up to this point of the onboarding journey.

After reading you should understand how to:

  • Access Cloud Manager.
  • Sign into an AEM as a Cloud Service instance.

Prerequisites prerequisites

Before you begin the tasks described in this document as an AEM user, ensure that your system administrator has completed all the step in this onboarding journey. This means that:

  • Your system administrator has assigned users to the AEM Users or AEM Administrators product profiles.
  • Cloud resources have been set up.

Log Into AEM login-aem

As an AEM author, you need to log into AEM to begin creating content.

  1. Navigate to Cloud Manager’s login page at

  2. Select the appropriate program from Cloud Manager’s Programs and Products page to launch the Overview page. Ask your system administrator if you are uncertain which program to access.

  3. From the Overview page in Cloud Manager, click the author link from the Environments card.

    Environment card

  4. This opens a new tab where you can log in to author environment using your Adobe ID.

Congratulations! You have now successfully logged in to Author.

Bookmark the link to the AEM author instance and you can open it directly instead of going through Cloud Manager every time.

What’s Next whats-next

Now that you have read this document you should know how to:

  • Access Cloud Manager.
  • Sign into an AEM as a Cloud Service instance.

Congratulations! You are now ready to author and publish AEM content. See Additional Resources section for more details on how to author content in AEM and how to administer it.

If you are interested in how developers and deployment managers create and manage custom applications for AEM as a Cloud service, continue on to second optional part of the onboarding journey, AEM Developer Tasks.

Now that you are onboarded, you can learn how to easily add the AEM Reference Demos Add-On to a sandbox environment with minimal AEM configuration and be able to test the powerful features of AEM with rich examples based on best-practices.

Additional Resources additional-resources

The following are additional, optional resources if you would like to go beyond the content of the onboarding journey.

Quick Start Guide to Authoring Pages - Start here for a quick overview of authoring fundamentals in AEM.
Headless Authoring Journey - If you want to author headless content, follow this guided introduction.