Maintenance Release Notes maintenance-release-notes

The following section outlines the technical release notes for the maintenance releases of Experience Manager as a Cloud Service associated with 2023.8.0 feature activation.

Release 13206 release-13206

Summarized below are the continuous improvements for maintenance release 13206, which was publicly released on August 21, 2023. This maintenance release replaces releases 13173 and 13099 to fix an issue impacting the Inbox functionality.

2023.8.0 Feature Activation provides the full feature set for this maintenance release. See the Experience Manager Releases Roadmap for more information.

Enhancements enhancements-13206

  • SITES-13906: GraphQL - Upgrade to graphql-java 20.1.
  • SITES-8972: GraphQL - Add option label in JSON for Enumeration data type.
  • SITES-9689: GraphQL - Add title and description in JSON for Content Reference data type.
  • SITES-13052: Content Fragments - Export Content Fragments to Adobe Target.

Fixed Issues fixed-issues-13206

  • SITES-14937: MSM - Inherit Rollout Configs from Parent value get toggled on hitting Save & Close on live copies.
  • SITES-14847: Content Fragments - Content Fragment Links are not highlighted.
  • SITES-11620: Content Fragments - References path is slightly cut in the UI.
  • SITES-14171: GraphQL - Circular references are not broken for cached data sometimes.
  • SITES-14577: Experience Fragments - Bulk publish is not working for live copies.
  • SITES-14341: Admin UI - Inconsistent behavior of the ‘Properties’ button when delete permissions are removed.
  • SITES-11000: Admin UI - References: Incoming links missing in some pages.
  • SITES-11559: Admin UI - References: Incoming Links shows wrong pages.
  • SITES-14337: Admin UI - Opening editor page produces an error in specific cases.
  • SITES-13425: ContextHub - Menu Bar does not display when clicking the ContextHub button.
  • CQ-4354266: Unable to open inbox items.
  • CQ-4354279: Unable to see activity report under Personalization tab.
  • FORMS-9971: When an Adaptive Form is rendered in a different locale, the visibility of components is interpreted and applied inaccurately.
  • FORMS-9888: When an Adaptive Form is set to redirect to an external URL (thank you page) on form submission, it fails to redirect to the external URL.
  • FORMS-9845: After clearing a drop-down list using the rule editor, the previously provided values persist, despite the supposed clearance.
  • FORMS-9263: When the label of a checkbox contains special characters and a user clicks the checkbox, the respective checkbox is not selected.
  • FORMS-9254: As a user scrolls through the text of the Terms & Conditions component, the checkbox within the component is automatically enabled even before the user has scrolled through the entire text.
  • FORMS-9045: The script tag does not resolve external fragment references in the base XDP.
  • FORMS-9026: When attempting to create an Adaptive Form using a JSON schema that has Enums with empty strings and validates without errors, the process results in a failure. Next, upon refreshing the page, the form fails to load properly, displaying a blank form along with an error in the logs.
  • FORMS-8964: In Android™ Chrome/Firefox, text becomes uneditable in the Text Box Component if the max character limit is reached.
  • FORMS-8668: Excessive Java™ stack dumps in error logs, despite functional form rendering, causing log file bloat.
  • FORMS-8554: Adaptive Forms with lazy loading enabled do not work in preview mode of the author instance.
  • FORMS-8177: When the forms service is active, an exception “com.adobe.aem.formsndocuments.publish.AssetReferenceProvider Failed to retrieve asset dependencies.” occurs. The error disappears on disabling the form service.
  • FORMS-3691: Some objects are missing IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expression) scoping. The primary purpose of using an IIFE is to create a scope for variables within the function, preventing those variables from polluting the global scope.
  • SITES-15463: Sites Templates - Templates cannot be published.

Known Issues known-issues-13206

  • SITES-15359: Content Fragments - The variation name pattern fails to correctly match variations that have '_' in their resource names.
  • FORMS-10444: Adaptive Forms Templates - Templates cannot be published (workaround: use Distribution console).
  • CQ-4354191: Worfklows - Custom launcher may trigger many times due to replication metadata present on nt:unstructured nodes (workaround: update launchers to exclude replication metadata properties to avoid overlap).
  • SITES-15622: GraphQL - Issue with persisted queries with number & boolean parameters.
  • SITES-15654: GraphQL - Issues with unions and properties of the same name.

Embedded Technologies embedded-tech-13206

Oak API 1.52.0 API
Version 2.27.2
Apache Sling API 2.27.2 API
Version 1.4.20-1.4.0
HTML Template Language Specification
AEM Core Components
Version 2.23.2
AEM WCM Core Components

Release 12874 release-12874

Summarized below are the continuous improvements for maintenance release 12874, which was publicly released on August 2, 2023. This maintenance release is an update from previous maintenance release 12790.

2023.8.0 Feature Activation provides the full feature set for this maintenance release. See the Experience Manager Releases Roadmap for more information.

Enhancements enhancements-12874

  • New version of index definition: /oak:index/damAssetLucene-9
  • ASSETS-18351: Switches to insecure facets - to improve search performance
  • ASSETS-17896: Removes Feature Vectors from the index - similarity search based on smart tags
  • ASSETS-8715: Adds null check / not null check for the property “jcr:content/metadata/dam:status”
  • GRANITE-45138: Removes property index from the predicted tags dynamic boost property
  • ASSETS-17614: Adds Scene7 ID as an indexed property (null check and not null check enabled)
  • ASSETS-14516: Adds properties for ‘new UI’ Trash functionality to the index
  • ASSETS-16270: Adds coalesced title property to the index (for use in sorting)
  • ASSETS-24478: Remove five potentially large properties from the index (based on analysis of customer index data)
  • ASSETS-3383: Adds an additional tag ‘assetsOmnisearch’

AEM releases 12874 and above contain a new version of the damAssetLucene index (damAssetLucene-9). To provide the most responsive search experience, damAssetLucene-9 changes the behavior of Oak Query result faceting to no longer evaluate access control on the facet counts returned by the underlying search index (referred to as “insecure” mode).

As such, it is possible that users are presented with facet count values which include assets which the current user does not have access to. This does not allow the user to access, download, or read those assets, nor does it allow the user to gain any further information about the assets’ existence.

If the previous behavior is desired, Customers should follow the steps described in Content Search and Indexing to create a custom version of the damAssetLucene-9 index with the previous “statistical” facet mode.

Fixed Issues fixed-issues-12874

  • ASSETS-24379: Made improvements to the ReplicateOnModifyListener.
  • ASSETS-25794: Resolved an issue with S7ConfigResolverImpl that caused it to execute an expensive query at startup.
  • ASSETS-25473: Fixed a bug where the Quick Publish Option was visible to users without replication permission.
  • ASSETS-24803: Addressed an XSS vulnerability in the Viewers feature.
  • ASSETS-25489: Corrected an issue where Smart croppings were being downloaded with the wrong suffix.
  • ASSETS-25435: Fixed an error where the WidthxHeight fields were missing in the Download for dynamic renditions
  • ASSETS-25741: Fixed the absence of a visual asterisk (*) symbol for the mandatory ‘width’ edit field in the ‘Basic’ tab section.
  • ASSETS-25759: Improved the visibility of focus on drop-down list elements in high contrast black/white modes.
  • ASSETS-25749: Fixed the issue where focus was not moving to multiple controls below the video when navigating using the keyboard Tab, resulting in them being inaccessible.
  • ASSETS-26074: Restored the limit of 127 characters for names of non-video assets.
  • ASSETS-21428: Fixed an issue where a Multi Line field in Metadata Schema Editor would overlap the following field
  • ASSETS-21989: Fixed an issue CORS headers could be overwritten on 302 and 401 responses, preventing remote DAM login
  • ASSETS-22603: Fixed issues affecting column names and values when viewing Asset Download Reports
  • ASSETS-23120: Fixed an issue in AssetSetLastModifiedProcess related to leaking resource resolvers
  • ASSETS-24938: Fixed an issue that was causing the Save button of the Assets Folder Properties dialog to behave like Save + Close
  • ASSETS-25456: Fixed an issue where an Asset with a long name prevents clicking actions in the Asset Properties Editor
  • ASSETS-25832: Fixed Issue with relating assets from a full access folder to read-only access folder.
  • ASSETS-25397: Fixed an issue where the new name of an Asset renamed in the new UI would not be reflected in search results
  • ASSETS-26102: Fixed an issue that could prevent uploads from CI Hub connector
  • ASSETS-26172: Reduced the size of Bulk Import progress log content saved in persistent Sling Job nodes
  • ASSETS-26292: Deprecated AssetManager createOrUpdateAsset() and createOrReplaceAsset() methods in the Java™ API
  • ASSETS-26399: Fixed an issue preventing collections from being published to Brand Portal
  • ASSETS-26533: Fixed an issue in InDesign Server Integration that could lead to a timeout for long processing requests
  • ASSETS-26549: Fixed an issue in Assets List View which caused “External User” to be displayed as the last modified user for all uploaded assets
  • ASSETS-26551: Resolved an issue in which Assets deleted on author were not unpublished
  • ASSETS-26571: Fixed an issue with the Assets Reports page in which the page would fail to load if multiple failed report jobs were present in the list
  • ASSETS-26147: Fixed an issue where Unified Shell would attempt to redirect an iframe into /ui when is set but not window.opener
  • ASSETS-26576: Fixed an issue with Dropbox Import in which the incorrect folder hierarchy was created
  • ASSETS-26671: Fixed an issue preventing Bulk Import from including files located within a DCIM folder
  • ASSETS-26700: Fixed an issue in which saving a Public folder’s properties page with no changes created three unnecessary groups
  • CQ-4353449: Fixed an issue that allowed users with read-only Tagging permissions to create tags using the Tagging UI
  • GRANITE-46601: Fixed an issue preventing the Quickstart SDK from starting up on JDK 11.0.20
  • SKYOPS-33168: Fixed an issue in CM Developer Console that prevented loading of /content/dam for asset names without extension
  • SKYOPS-61484: Fixed an issue in the RDEProvider service that allowed unsubstituted ${sling.home} tokens to persist in merged OSGi configurations
  • Various security, accessibility, and localization fixes

Known Issues known-issues-12874

  • GRANITE-46851: Test connection in content distribution does not work

Embedded Technologies embedded-tech-12874

Oak API 1.52.0 API
Version 2.27.2
Apache Sling API 2.27.2 API
Version 1.4.20-1.4.0
HTML Template Language Specification
AEM Core Components
Version 2.23.0
AEM WCM Core Components