Managing Projects managing-projects

Projects lets you organize your project by grouping resources into one entity.

In the Projects console, you access and act on your projects:

The Projects console

In Projects, you can create a project, associate resources with your project, and also delete a project or Resource links. You may want to open a tile to view its content and add items to a tile. This topic describes those procedures.

Creating a Project creating-a-project

Out of the box, AEM provides these templates to choose from when you create a project:

  • Simple Project
  • Media Project
  • Translation Project

The procedure of creating a project is the same from project to project. The difference between the types of projects includes available user roles and workflows. To create a project:

  1. In Projects, select Create to open the Create Project wizard:

  2. Select a template and click Next.

    Creating a project

  3. Define the Title and Description and add a Thumbnail image if necessary. You also add or delete users and what group they belong to. In addition, click Advanced to add a name used in the URL.

    Adding project detail

  4. Select Create. The confirmation asks whether you want to open your new project or to return to the console.

Associating Resources with your Project associating-resources-with-your-project

As projects enable you to group resources into one entity, you want to associate resources to your project. These resources are called Tiles. The types of resources you can add are described in Project Tiles.

To associate resources with your project:

  1. Open your project from the Projects console.

  2. Select Add Tile and select the tile that you want to link to your project. You can select multiple types of tiles.

    Adding a tile to a project

    note note
    Project tiles that can be associated with a project are described in detail in Project tiles.
  3. Select Create. Your resource is linked to your project and from now on you can access it from your project.

The same method is used to delete a project from the console or a linked resource from your project:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate location:

    • To delete a project go to the top level of the Projects console.
    • To delete a resource link within a project, open your project in the Projects console.
  2. Enter selection mode by clicking Select and selecting your project or resource link.

  3. Select Delete.

  4. You need to confirm the deletion in a dialog. If confirmed, the project or resource link is deleted. Select Deselect to exit selection mode.

When you create the project and add users to the various roles, groups associated with the project are automatically created to manage associated permissions. For example, a project called Myproject would have three groups Myproject Owners, Myproject Editors, Myproject Observers. However, if the project is deleted, those groups are not automatically deleted. An administrator must manually delete the groups in Tools > Security > Groups.

Adding Items to a Tile adding-items-to-a-tile

In some tiles, you may want to add more than one item. For example, you may have more than one workflow running at once or more than one experience.

To add items to a Tile:

  1. In Projects, navigate to the project and select the down chevron on the tile you want to add an item to.

    Add item to a tile

  2. Add an item to the tile as you would when creating a tile. Project tiles are described here. In this example, another workflow was added.

Opening a Tile opening-a-tile

You may want to see what items are included in a current tile, or modify or delete items in the tile.

To open a tile so that you can view or modify items:

  1. In the Projects console, select the ellipses (…) icon at the bottom of the card.

    Opening a tile

  2. AEM lists the items in that tile. You can enter selection mode to modify or delete the items.

    Tile opened

Viewing Project Statistics viewing-project-statistics

You can view project statistics, in the Projects console.

Viewing a Project Timeline viewing-a-project-timeline

The project timeline provides information on when assets in the project were last used. To view the project timeline, select Timeline, then enter selection mode and select the project. Assets are displayed in the left pane. Select Timeline to return to the Projects console.

Project timeline

Viewing Active/Inactive Projects viewing-active-inactive-projects

To toggle between your active and inactive projects, in the Projects console, click Toggle Active Projects. If the icon has a check mark next to it, it is displaying the active projects.

Toggle Active Projects button

If the icon has an x next to, it is displaying the inactive projects.

Toggle Inactive Projects button

Making Projects Inactive or Active making-projects-inactive-or-active

You may want to make a project inactive if you have completed it but you still want to keep the information on the project.

To make a project inactive (or active):

  1. In the Projects console, open your project and then find the Project information tile.

    note note
    You may need to add this tile if it is not already in your project. See Adding Tiles.
  2. Select Edit.

  3. Change the selector from Active to Inactive (or conversely).

    Activating a project

  4. Select Done to save your changes.