Checking Domain Name Status check-status

You can determine status of your custom domain name within Cloud Manager.

  1. Log into Cloud Manager at and select the appropriate organization.

  2. On the My Programs console, select the program.

  3. Navigate to the Environments screen from the Overview page.

  4. Click Domain Settings in the left navigation panel.

  5. Click the Status icon for the domain name.

Cloud Manager will verify domain ownership via the TXT value and displays one of the following status messages.

  • Domain Verification Failed - The TXT value is either missing or is detected with errors.

    • Follow the instructions provided to resolve the issue.
    • When ready, you must select the Verify Again icon next to the status.
  • Domain Verification In Progress - Verification is in progress.

    • This status is typically seen after you select the Verify Again icon next to the status.
  • Verified, Deployment Failed - The TXT verification was successful, but the CDN deployment failed.

    • In such cases, contact your Adobe representative.
  • Domain Verified & Deployed - This status indicates that your custom domain name is ready to be used.

    • At this point, your custom domain name is ready for testing and to be pointed to the Cloud Manager domain name.
    • See Configuring DNS Settings to learn more.
  • Deleting - The deletion of a custom domain name is in progress.

  • Deletion Failed - The deletion of custom domain name failed and must be retried.

Cloud Manager will automatically trigger a TXT verification when you select Save on the verification step of the Add Custom Domain wizard. For subsequent verifications, you must actively select the verify again icon next to the status.

Domain Name Errors domain-error

The following are some common domain name errors and their typical resolutions.

Domain Not Installed Error domain-not-installed

This error may occur during domain validation of the TXT record even after you have checked that the record has been updated appropriately.

Error Cause cause

Fastly locks a domain to the initial account that registered it and no other account can register a subdomain without asking for permission. Furthermore, Fastly only lets you assign an apex domain and associated subdomains to one Fastly service and account. If you have an existing Fastly account that links the same apex and subdomains used for your AEM Cloud Service domains you see this error.

Error Resolution resolution

The error is fixed as follows:

  • Remove the apex and subdomains from the existing account before installing the domain in Cloud Manager.

  • Use this option to link the apex domain and all subdomains to the AEM as a Cloud Service Fastly account. See Working with Domains in the Fastly documentation for additional details.

  • If your apex domain has multiple subdomains for AEM as a Cloud Service and non-AEM as a Cloud Service sites that you want to link to different Fastly accounts, then try to install the domain in Cloud Manager. If the domain installation fails, create a Customer Support ticket with Fastly so Adobe can followup with Fastly on your behalf.

Solving domain delegation issues with Fastly typically takes 1-2 business days. For this reason, it is highly recommended to install the domains well before their go live date.
Do not route the DNS of your site to AEM as a Cloud Service IPs if the domain was not installed successfully.

Pre-Existing CDN Configurations for Custom Domain Names pre-existing-cdn

If you have a pre-existing CDN configuration for your custom domain names, there is an informative message on the Custom Domain Names and Environment pages, encouraging you to add these configurations via the UI so they are visible and configurable in Cloud Manager.

The message disappears once all pre-existing environment configurations are migrated using the UI. It may take 1-2 business days for the message to disappear.

See Adding a Custom Domain Name for more details.