Setting Up IMS Integrations for AEM as a Cloud Service setting-up-ims-integrations-for-aemaacs

Auto-provisioned JWT configurations should not be migrated manually, as they will be handled automatically by Adobe.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a Cloud Service can be integrated with many other Adobe solutions. For example, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, and others.

The integrations use an IMS integration, configured with S2S OAuth.

Previously, configurations were made with JWT Credentials that are now subject to deprecation in the Adobe Developer Console.
Such configurations can no longer be created or updated, but can be migrated to OAuth configurations.

Credentials in the Developer Console credentials-in-the-developer-console

As the first step you need to configure the OAuth credentials in the Adobe Developer Console.

For details on how to do this, see the Developer Console documentation, depending on your requirements:

For example:

OAuth Credential in the Developer Console

Creating an OAuth configuration creating-oauth-configuration

To create a new Adobe IMS Integration using OAuth:

  1. In AEM, navigate to Tools, Security, Adobe IMS Integration.

  2. Select Create.

  3. Complete the configuration based on details from the Developer Console. For example:

    Create OAuth Configuration

  4. Save your changes.

Migrating an existing JWT configuration to an OAuth configuration migrating-existing-JWT-configuration-to-oauth

To migrate an existing Adobe IMS Integration based on JWT credentials:

This example shows a Launch IMS Configuration.
  1. In AEM, navigate to Tools, Security, Adobe IMS Integration.

  2. Select the JWT configuration that needs to be migrated. JWT configurations are marked with the warning JWT Credentials (deprecated).

  3. Select Properties:

    Select JWT Configuration

  4. The configuration will open as read-only:

    Configuration Properties - Read-only

  5. Select OAuth from the Authentication Type dropdown:

    Select Authentication Type

  6. The properties available will be updated. Use details from the Developer Console to complete them:

    Complete OAuth details

  7. Use Save & Close to persist your updates.
    When you return to the console the JWT Credentials (deprecated) warning will be gone.