2022.6.0 Release Notes for Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service release-notes

The following section outlines the feature release Notes for the 2022.6.0 version of Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

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Release Date release-date

The release date of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service current release (2022.6.0) is June 30, 2022.

The next release (2022.7.0) is planned for August 8, 2022.

Release Video release-video

Have a look at the June 2022 Release Overview video for a summary of the features added in the 2022.6.0 release:

Experience Manager Sites as a Cloud Service sites

New features in Sites sites-features

  • A new user interface is now available for content admins and content authors to efficiently manage (such as publish, unpublish, copy, move, and so on), search/filter, and create content fragments for Headless use-cases.

    Content Fragment Console

  • The new Table of Contents Component works not only with the Core Components but with all components, automatically rendering ToCs on content pages. And because it is rendered server-side and fully cached by the dispatcher, it is also efficient to load.

Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service assets

New features in Assets assets-features

Experience Manager Assets uses Adobe Sensei AI capabilities to now distinguish between colors in an image and apply those as tags automatically on ingestion. These tags enable enhanced Search experience, based on image color composition. You can configure the number of colors, within a range of one to 40, that are tagged to an image so that you can search for images based on those colors later.

Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service forms

New features in Forms forms-features

  • Integrate Adaptive Forms with Microsoft® Power Automate: You can now configure an Adaptive Form to run a Microsoft® Power Automate Cloud Flow on submission. The configured Adaptive Form sends captured data, attachments, and Document Of Record to Power Automate Cloud Flow for processing. It helps you build custom data capture experience while harnessing the power of Microsoft® Power Automate to build business logics around captured data and automate customer workflows.

  • Wizard to create an Adaptive Form: You can use business user friendly wizard to quickly author Adaptive Forms. The wizard provides a quick tab navigation to easily select pre-configured template, styling, fields, and submission options to create an adaptive form.

    Wizard to create an Adaptive Form

CIF Add-on cloud-services-cif

What is New what-is-new-cif

  • New product cockpit properties page for better and simplified overview

product cockpit properties overview

  • Improved compatibility and robustness for third-party connectors on I/O Runtime

  • Improved support for GQL Client configuration overwrites (for example, set custom caching behavior)

  • Multiple commerce endpoints are now supported out-of-the-box and can be configured via Cloud Manager. You can find details in the CIF blog here.

Bug fixes bug-fixes-cif

  • Multi value product picker field shows 2nd and additional products as invalid

  • Product Picker is occasionally hidden behind components

Reference Demos Add-on cloud-services-demos

What is New what-is-new-demos

  • New WKND Content & Commerce template that extends WKND with an E2E shopping experience featuring product catalog, shopping cart, checkout, and myAccount. This template uses CIF and its CIF Core Components, thus you also need to install the CIF add-on. You can find details in the CIF blog here.

WKND shop

WKND pdp

Experience Manager as a Cloud Service Foundation foundation

What is New what-is-new-foundation

  • As mentioned in the May (2022.5.0) release notes, the “Add tree” option under the replication agent admin screen’s Distribute tab was removed. Packages with a tree hierarchy of content should instead be replicated using Manage Publication or the Publish Content Tree workflow.

Cloud Manager cloud-manager

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Migration Tools migration-tools

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