Panoramic images panoramic-images

This section describes working with the Panoramic Image viewer to render spherical panoramic images for an immersive 360° viewing experience of a room, property, location, or landscape.

See also Manage viewer presets.


Upload assets for use with the Panoramic Image viewer uploading-assets-for-use-with-the-panoramic-image-viewer

For an uploaded asset to qualify as a spherical panorama image that you intend to use with the Panoramic Image viewer, the asset must have either one or both of the following:

  • An aspect ratio of 2.
  • Tagged with the keywords equirectangular, or sphericaland panorama, or spherical and panoramic. See Use Tags.

Both the aspect ratio and keyword criteria apply to panoramic assets for the asset details page and the Panoramic Media WCM component.

To upload assets for use with the Panoramic Image viewer, see Upload assets.

Preview Panoramic Images previewing-panoramic-images

See Preview assets.

Publish Panoramic Images publishing-panoramic-images

See Publish assets.