2023.1.0 Release Notes for Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service release-notes

The following section outlines the feature release notes for the 2023.1.0 version of Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

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Release Date release-date

The release date of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service 2023.1.0 feature release is February 9, 2023. The next feature release (2023.2.0) is planned for April 12, 2023.

Release Video release-video

Have a look at the January 2023 Release Overview video for a summary of the features added in the 2023.1.0 release:

Experience Manager Sites as a Cloud Service sites

New features in Sites prerelease prerelease-features-sites

  • The AEM GraphQL content delivery API now supports GraphQL Paging and Sorting, to make fetching and rendering large content sets more efficient. GraphQL pagination allows to improve query response time by returning results in sub-sets as opposed to all at once. GraphQL sorting allows putting content sets in a desired order, making it easier for a client appliation to process the content. Query response time is further improved with Hybrid Filtering in the AEM GraphQL engine. Content is now read from JCR in smaller sets that correspond with query filters.

Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service assets

New features in Assets assets-features

  • Assets Reports now includes the ability for Administrators to generate assets download reports from the Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service deployment. This data further empowers Admins to derive insights from key success metrics to measure the adoption of Assets within your enterprise and by customers.

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  • Experience Manager Assets now supports SAS Token in addition to the Access Key for authentication while connecting to Azure Blob Storage data source for ingesting assets using the Bulk Import tool.

  • Improved management of CMYK images in Asset Compute, enabling you to generate Smart Crop and Smart Tags for CMYK images.

New features in Assets prerelease prerelease-features-assets

Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service forms

New features available in Forms new-features-available-in-channel

New features in Forms prerelease prerelease-features-forms


Experience Manager as a Cloud Service Foundation foundation

What is New what-is-new-foundation

  • Rapid Development Environments - RDEs enable developers to rapidly troubleshoot issues and deploy new features on AEM as a Cloud Service.

    Rapid Development Environments are a new type of Cloud Environment intended as a fast, consistent, and extensible way of validating that code working locally also functions as expected in the Cloud. Using Command Line Tools, quickly “sync” content packages, bundles, content files, OSGI configuration, or dispatcher configuration to the RDE. See this in action in the video below:



    After successfully validating code in the RDE, it is encouraged to deploy to a Cloud Dev Environment to exercise the Cloud Manager quality gates, before deploying via production pipeline to stage and production environments.

    Each program includes one RDE and optionally, more can be licensed.

    note note
    RDEs will be gradually rolled out over the next few weeks; you can send an email to aemcs-rde-support@adobe.com to skip to the front of the line.
  • Extended support for server-side API access tokens – You can now generate multiple credentials, which is useful for scenarios where APIs have different characteristics. It is also now possible to revoke credentials in a self-service manner.

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