Edge Delivery Services Overview edge-delivery-services

With Edge Delivery Services, AEM delivers exceptional experiences that drive engagement and conversions. AEM does so by delivering high-impact experiences that are fast to author and develop. It is a composable set of services that enables a rapid development environment where authors can update and publish quickly, and new sites are launched rapidly. As such, with Edge Delivery Services you can improve conversion, reduce costs, and provide extreme content velocity.

By using Edge Delivery Services, you can:

  • Create fast sites with a perfect Lighthouse Score and continuously monitor your site performance through real use monitoring (RUM).
  • Increase authoring efficiency by decoupling content sources. Out of the box you can use both WYSIWYG and Document-based Authoring . As such, you can work with multiple content sources on the same website.
  • Use a built-in experimentation framework that allows quick test creation, execution without performance impact and fast release to production of a test winner.

Overview overview

Edge Delivery Services is a composable set of services that allows for a high degree of flexibility in how you author content on your website. You can use both AEM content management and WYSIWYG authoring using the Universal Editor as well as document-based authoring.

The following diagram illustrates how you can edit content in Microsoft Word (document-based authoring) and publish to Edge Delivery Services. It also shows the WYSIWYG editing using the Universal Editor.

Edge Delivery Architecture

You can use content directly from Microsoft Word or Google Docs such that those sources become pages on your website. Furthermore, headings, lists, images, font elements can all be transferred from the initial source into the website. The new content is added instantly without a rebuild process.

Edge Delivery Services uses GitHub so you can manage and deploy code directly from your GitHub repository. For example, you write content in either Google Docs or Microsoft Word and the functionality of your site can be developed by using CSS and JavaScript in GitHub. When you are ready, you use the Sidekick browser extension to preview and publish content updates.

Further reading in the Edge Delivery Services documentation:

  • For details on how to get started with Edge Delivery see the Build section.
  • To understand how to author and publish content by using Edge Delivery see the Publish section.
  • To understand how to properly launch your website project see the Launch section.

Edge Delivery Services and Other Adobe Experience Cloud Products edge-other-products

Edge Delivery Services are part of Adobe Experience Manager and as such Edge Delivery Services and AEM sites can co-exist on the same domain, which is a common use case for larger websites. Additionally, content from Edge Delivery Services can easily be consumed by your AEM Sites pages and vice-versa.

Please see the Developer Getting Started Guide for WYSIWYG with Edge Delivery Services to learn how to start your own project to author with AEM and Edge Delivery Services.

You can also use Edge Delivery Services with Adobe Target, Real Use Monitoring (RUM) to diagnose usage and performance of your sites, and Launch.

Getting Started with Edge Delivery Services getting-started

It is easy to get started using Edge Delivery Services by following the Getting Started - Developer Tutorial.

Getting Help from Adobe getting-help

Adobe provides three channels to help you with Edge Delivery Services:

Access Community Resources community-resources

Adobe is committed to empowering you with the best community engagement and support for Edge Delivery Services, WYSIWYG, and document-based authoring.

  • Participate in Experience League Community to ask questions, share feedback, initiate discussions, seek assistance from Adobe experts and AEM Advisors/Champs, and connect with like-minded individuals in real-time.
  • Join our Discord channel, a more casual platform for real-time interactions and quick idea exchanges.

How to Access Your Product Collaboration Channel collaboration-channel

Given the value of direct communication channel with users, all AEM projects at launch will establish a Slack channel for speed, critical updates, and scaled reporting on experience quality. You will receive an invitation from Adobe to join a Slack channel specific to your organization.

For more information, see the document Using the Slack Bot for more details.

You can engage with Adobe product teams via your provisioned product collaboration channel to answer questions on product use or best practices. There are no service level targets (SLTs) associated with the conversations via the product collaboration channel.

Logging a Support Ticket support-ticket

If a product issue needs additional investigation and troubleshooting and must meet response SLTs, you can submit a support ticket following this process using the Admin Console:

  1. Following the standard support process, and create a ticket.

  2. Add Edge Delivery in the title of the ticket.

  3. In the description, provide the following details in addition to the problem description:

    • URL of the live website. For example: www.mydomain.com.
    • URL of the origin website (.hlx URL).

What’s Next whats-next

Get started by reviewing Using Edge Delivery Services.