Authoring Content for Edge Delivery Services authoring-edge

With Edge Delivery Services, authoring is easy, fast, and flexible. You have two options to author content for Edge Delivery Services:

Universal Editor Authoring universal-editor

When using Edge Delivery Services with AEM as a Cloud Service, the most fundamental fact to understand is that the content you author is persisted in AEM as a Cloud Service.

How WYSIWYG Authoring works with Edge Delivery Services

  1. The WYSIWYG Authoring environment is used for content management such as creating new pages, Experience Fragments, Content Fragments, etc.

    • All features of AEM are available such as workflows, MSM, translation, Launches, etc.
  2. The Universal Editor is used to author the content managed in AEM.

    • The Universal Editor offers a new and modern UI for content authoring.
    • For authoring, AEM renders the HTML but includes the scripts, styles, icons and other resources from Edge Delivery Services.
    • Although the Universal Editor is used, all changes are persisted to AEM.
    • The Universal Editor is not yet at feature-parity with the AEM Page Editor and some AEM features may not be available in the Universal Editor.
  3. Content that you author with the Universal Editor and persist to AEM is published to Edge Delivery Services.

    • Content remains stored in AEM.
    • AEM renders semantic HTML that is needed for ingestion.
    • Content is published to Edge Delivery Services.
  4. Edge Delivery Services ensure a 100% Lighthouse score.

Blocks are fundamental components of a page delivered by Edge Delivery Services. Authors can choose from default blocks provided as standard by Adobe or from blocks customized for your project by your developers.

The Universal Editor provides a modern and intuitive GUI for authoring your content by dragging-and-dropping blocks.

Dragging-and-dropping blocks in the Universal Editor

Details of the blocks can then be configured in the Properties rail.

Configuring block properties

For details on how to author using the Universal Editor, please see the document Authoring Content with the Universal Editor.

Please see the Developer Getting Started Guide for WYSIWYG Authoring with Edge Delivery Services to learn how to start your own project to author with AEM and Edge Delivery Services.

Document-Based Authoring document-based

When using document-based authoring, you can work with a variety of sources such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs documents. Documents from these sources become pages on your website. Headings, lists, images, font elements, videos can all be transferred from the initial source into your website. You can add metadata for SEO purposes or use blocks to work with structured content and add functionality.

For further details on document-based authoring, please refer to this document in the Edge Delivery Services documentation.