Benefits of using Cloud Acceleration Manager benefits-cam

With a wide range of business requirements and customizations, moving to cloud can be an involved project. Cloud Acceleration Manager (CAM) equips your teams with a guided experience with Adobe-recommended best practices and methodology to help your teams plan, implement and, Go Live with confidence.

The key benefits of using Cloud Acceleration Manager are:

  1. Plan better and smarter:

    • Simplify the assessment of your current instance through an easy-to-read visual representation of the results.

    • Assess and understand the estimated complexity of moving to AEM as a Cloud Service with a detailed custom report.

  2. Streamline the move with end-to-end guidance:

    • Manage the migration journey with built-in intelligence that provides contextual help along the way.

    • Review and identify the areas that are not supported in AEM as a Cloud Service or require refactoring to ensure compatibility.

  3. Optimize the efforts:

    Access Adobe-recommended best practices and automation tools to help accelerate migration efforts and access to tools to minimize migration time.

What’s Next whats-next

Once you have learnt what is Cloud Acceleration Manager, you are now ready to use and Get Started with Cloud Acceleration Manager.