2023.11.0 Release Notes for Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service release-notes

The following section outlines the feature release notes for the 2023.11.0 version of Experience Manager as a Cloud Service.

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Release Date release-date

The release date of Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service current feature release (2023.11.0) is November 30, 2023. The next feature release (2023.12.0) is planned for December 14, 2023.

Maintenance Release Notes maintenance

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Release Video release-video

Have a look at the November 2023 Release Overview video for a summary of the features added in the 2023.11.0 release:

Experience Manager Sites as a Cloud Service sites

Early Adopter Program sites-early-adopter

Find and Replace strings in Content Fragments: The Content Fragment Console provides users with an easy and intuitive way to replace a string appearing in multiple content fragments at once to help accelerate content velocity.

Find and Replace

Interested in trying out the feature and sharing feedback? Send an email to aemcs-headless-adopter@adobe.com from your official email ID to learn more about the early adopter program.

Experience Manager Assets as a Cloud Service assets

New Features in Assets View assets-view-features

  • Embedded Adobe Express editor in AEM Assets: Users with access to Express now have integrated image editing and creation tools from Adobe Express and Adobe Firefly available directly within AEM Assets to improve content reuse and accelerate content velocity.

    assign metadata form to a folder

  • Storage usage reports in Insights: Administrators now have the ability to view the storage usage reports available as part of Insights.

    storage usage insights

  • Search first homepage configuration: Experience Manager Assets now enables you to configure the homepage experience for your organization. If you select search first as the homepage, you can configure the search bar alignment, background image, and logo for your organization.

    search first configuration

New Features in Prerelease for Admin View admin-view-features-prerelease

Video Preview: AEM Assets now generates preview renditions of all supported video formats by default, without the need to configure a processing profile.

Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service forms

New Features in Experience Manager Forms forms-features

  • Checkbox component: Adaptive Forms based on Core Components can now include a checkbox component. It allows users to make binary choices, selecting or deselecting a particular option. It typically appears as a small box that can be clicked or tapped to toggle between two states: checked and unchecked. The checkbox is a common form element used to present a yes/no or true/false choice.

  • Terms and Conditions component: Adaptive Forms based on Core Components can now include a Terms and Conditions component. It allows forms authors to introduce a specific section within the form where users are presented with the terms, conditions, or legal agreements associated with the use of a service, product, or platform. This component is designed to inform users about the rules, regulations, and obligations they are agreeing to by submitting the form.

    Checkbox, Terms and Conditions, and Vertical tab components

  • Vertical tabs component: Adaptive Forms based on Core Components can now organize form content into a vertical list of tabs, providing a structured and navigable layout. The use of vertical tabs in a form can enhance the overall user experience by simplifying navigation and improving the organization of form content, especially in situations where a form contains multiple sections or complex information.

New Features in Forms Prerelease prerelease-features-forms

  • Connect an Adaptive Forms with Microsoft® SharePoint List: AEM Forms provides an OOTB integration to submit forms data directly to SharePoint List, enabling you to leverage SharePoint’s Lists capabilities. You can configure Microsoft SharePoint List as a datasource for a Form Data Model and use the Submit using Form Data Model submit action to connect an Adaptive Form with SharePoint List.

Early Adopter Program forms-early-adopter

  • Submit an Adaptive Form to Adobe Workfront Fusion Scenario: Forms as a Cloud Service offers an out-of-the-box options to effortlessly connect an Adaptive Form with Adobe Workfront. This simplifies the process of submitting an Adaptive Form to an Adobe Workfront scenario, allowing you trigger a Workfront Fusion scenario on submission of an Adaptive Form.

  • Right to left languages support: Adaptive Forms built on Core Components can now be presented in a Right-to-Left (RTL) language like Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. The RTL languages are spoken by over 2 billion people globally. Using a form in RTL language allows you to extend the reach of your adaptive forms to cater to these diverse audiences and tap into RTL markets. In certain regions, it’s also a legal mandate to provide forms in the local language. By accommodating local languages, you not only open doors to a broader audience but also ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

    Right to left language support

  • Protect your documents with DocAssurance APIs (Part of Communication APIs): The DocAssurance APIs empower you to safeguard sensitive information by signing and encrypting the documents. Through encryption, the contents of a document are transformed into an unreadable format, ensuring that only authorized users can gain access. This fortified layer of protection not only shields valuable data from unauthorized eyes but also provides peace of mind. The Signature APIs let your organization protect the security and privacy of Adobe PDF documents that it distributes and receives. This service uses digital signatures and certification to ensure that only intended recipients can alter documents.

    You can write to aem-forms-ea@adobe.com from your official email id to join the early adopter program and request access to the capability.

Experience Manager as a Cloud Service Foundation foundation

WAF Traffic Filter Rules Can Now Be Licensed cdn-waf-license

Traffic Filter Rules were released in October, and included a note that the special category of Web Application Firewall (WAF) rules would be available later this year to supplement the rules already available to Sites and Forms customers. As an update, the WAF-DDoS Protection offering can now be licensed.

Once licensed, these advanced WAF rules can be deployed to the CDN using the Cloud Manager Configuration Pipeline to add an extra layer of protection against web attacks.

Read about Traffic Filter Rules, including WAF. Speak to your AEM account team about licensing WAF-DDoS Protection or Enhanced Security.

CDN Configuration Early Adopter Program cdn-config-early-adopter

In addition to the recently released Traffic Filter Rules (including WAF), there’s an opportunity to use the Configuration Pipeline to declare and deploy other types of CDN configuration. We’d love to hear about your use cases, including:

  • 301/302 client-side redirects
  • proxying requests at the edge to arbitrary origins
  • URL transformations
  • setting or modifying request or response headers
  • custom error pages when the CDN can’t reach AEM
  • authentication by username/password
  • any other useful CDN configurations

Send an email to aemcs-cdn-config-adopter@adobe.com from your official email ID with your feedback.

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