Troubleshooting Content Transfer Tool troubleshoot-content-transfer-tool

Missing Blob IDs missing-blobs

If there are missing blob ids reported, as mentioned below, then there is a need to execute a consistency check in the existing repository and restore the missing blobs.
ERROR o.a.j.o.p.b.AbstractSharedCachingDataStore - Error retrieving record [ba45c53f8b687e7056c85dceebf8156a0e6abc7e]

The following command is executed

--verbose flag is required to report the node paths from where the blobs are referenced.

For repositories AEM 6.5 (Oak 1.8 and below)

java -jar oak-run.jar datastorecheck --consistency --store [<SEGMENT_STORE_PATH>|<MONGO_URI>] --[s3ds|fds] <DATASTORE_CFG> --verbose <OUT_DIR> --dump

For repositories having Oak > 1.10

java -jar oak-run.jar datastore --check-consistency [<SEGMENT_STORE_PATH>|<MONGO_URI>] --[s3ds|fds|azureds] <DATASTORE_CFG> --out-dir <OUT_DIR> --work-dir <TEMP_DIR> --verbose

See Oak Runnable Jar for more details.

The files created in the OUT_DIR specified above for consistency can then be checked for paths missing binaries and appropriate action taken like restoring from a backup, deleting the paths, re-indexing, and so on.

UI Behavior ui-behavior

As a user, you might see the following behavioral changes in the User Interface (UI) for Content Transfer Tool:

  • The icons in the Content Transfer Tool UI may appear to be different from the screenshots shown in this guide or may not show up at all depending on the version of the source AEM instance.